Um not sure what happened last night

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  1. Well it was a crazy Wednesday night I guess. I woke up this morning back at my house but I have no recollection if anything past 1 in the morning when I was going steady with the shots. According to my friends I got with three girls, which is totally out of my usual never happened before. I can barely ever get with one. That's the shirty part because I seriously can't remember any part of me hooking up with any of them at all. I also have no idea how I got home since my friends didn't take me home and I certainly didn't drive there. I really wish I could remember what happened, so I could reexamine my moves that got me with these three girls because they are all definitely out of my league. And I really don't think my friends are lieing to me because all three girls hit me up this morning. But How do I approach this with them? Should I pretend I remember hooking up with them or be like yea I can't even remember you at all

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  2. Hell yeah pretend. That's da game son.

    sounds like you got roofied dem hoes
  3. Bang all 3 again, it should be better this time.
  4. Dude those chicks videoed you sucking a dildo and are spreading it around on facebook.
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    Dammmmmnnnn OPs a pimp

    Goes to show you have an inner pimp, and being that drunk released your beast.

    Omega369 :wave:
  6. Just pretend you remember them. Meet all of them and pick the best. Also don't worry about putting it back together. That's called beer fear its all part of the fun getting shit faced

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  7. Gangsta shit. Been there. Probably hottest girl I've ever kissed I was drunk when I did it

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  8. Let then know you don't remember them and hope for round 2. Hahahah

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  9. The OP has a sore asshole and dont know why.
  10. They are called "blackouts".   Dangerous sign of too much drinking.   Drink up.
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    I had a friend that had a night like that. He woke up with a sore butt and a bad taste in his mouth.
  12. tell your friend I haz aidz

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