UM.... Got Arrested 2 weeks after i turned 18

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  1. So i smoke about 7 hits outta a one hitter than drove to a friends house and drank 15 buds and a fith then I was forced to leave cause her mom was wakin up and i pulled off to the side of the road turned my car off and forgot my headlights cops came about 15minutes l8r:( didnt get me for pot but i did breathe a .18 and recently last week a cop pulled me over for my license plate light while i had about a quater on me and my friend in the back seat wit a bull outta my glass pipe and a fat j i wasnt high yet and fortunately the cop didnt see or smell the weed thx to my friend who hid the shit very quick as soon as i got pulled over
  2. dont....drink.....or smoke.... AND DRIVE. There are so many better places to smoke and drink just dont do it in your car. Doing anything illegal in a car is absolutely RETARDED.

    Saying that sucks for you man, hopefully you learned your lesson. Smoke before you drive not while you drive.
  3. i was not driving i was pulled over on the road the 1st time and the second time i was just movin some fresh bud to go smoke at my house wit sum friends
  4. ya you think that sucks i got arrested on a BnE felony 3 FUCKIN DAYS after i was a legal adult. and the worst part is i was only guilty by association -.-
  5. yeah you drank 15 beers and a 5th.. i call bs
  6. I feel you bro...i never went to juvie, but 5 days after my 18th birthday I went to county jail.
  7. you should of put your keys on the dash and moved to the passenger seat.
  8. lol i did i didnt get a dui i just left my headlights on just a stupid mistake i was too high and drunk to notice all i was charged with was minor consumption
  9. lol watever u say dude y would I lie on the forums to people i dnt even know just because u cant drink that much doesnt really mean much 2 me...... and I have the papers from getting arrested with the breathalizer results so ya ur stupidity does not surprise but please dont go assuming im lying u dnt know me and shouldnt act like u do i know wat happened I experienced it but wateva dude im not here to impress u ne ways think wat u want but ik wat I did and didnt do and theres nothing u can do to change that
  10. Hey man what part of Indiana?

  11. If your keys are in the car and so are you, it is a DUI.
  12. So you can get a DUI while sleeping in your back seat? It doesn't seem like they could get a conviction on something like that, but who knows now-a-days.

  13. seemed like you jumped at the opportunity to make sure we know how you dont care what we think. whatever kid, yer a badass. *applause*
  14. Honestly, I hope you go to jail. Drinking that much and driving is a huge risk to other people. People die every day from drunk driving. It's the most irresponsible thing you could ever possibly do and I have no respect for people who think they're ok to drive after "15 buds and a fith".

    Also, please grow up and use punctuation. I don't care too much about grammar, but it's almost impossible to read something that looks like it was written by a 6 year old.

  15. ive met plenty of people that can do this. this kid around here is a small fucker ( 5'5 130 MAYBE) and he drinks a handle of UV vodka to himself.

  16. southern fayette y where u from
  17. hmm... Sorry man dont spend as much time as you writing responses on a forum, and your the one who needs to learn to read before you tell me how to write. I clearly stated a was not driving, i was in the passanger seat. I drove maybe 20 seconds on a country road to pull over.
  18. Lol, chill out man - I think you need to smoke a bowl. I sense a lot of repressed gay anger coming from you.... :p I kid, I kid...

    But honestly, 15 bud lights and an entire fifth of whatever alcohol you drank.... Come on now... lol I don't give a fuck if you really drank that much or not but ... lol....
    Whatever you say man.

    And to the guy that is astonished that his friend can drink an entire handle of UV blue... Dude it's fucking UV BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's what the ladies drink... Quite tasty tho, I could polish that off in a matter of hours man...
  19. to the guy who was saying that's i can drink 20 beers and then get started on some liquir ill be drunk as fuck but wont puke:smoke:
  20. im not saying its impossible,

    im saying from the way the OP rambled, and the disrespect he has for grammer i would put him aound 16-17 years old. I dont know how many kids that age can drink like that, but il be an even smaller number of them get online and brag about it, doushe.

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