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Ultrasonic Cleaner Infusion

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AnOldUR, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Read about this, but couldn’t find much detail. I have a small ultrasonic cleaner that I use for work. In the process of using it to infuse coconut oil. Used 10g of GSC, 1/2 cup oil, 2 tsp Lecithin powder. Going for 2 hours @ 150 degrees.

    Any thoughts on this process and what my results will be?

    Going to use it in a batch of brownies later this afternoon.
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  2. I'm rooting for you.
    Keep us posted.
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  3. 10 minutes left in oven. Saw a recipe for KitKat brownies. Had to try it. Layer of brownie batter, layer of KitKats and another layer of batter on top.
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  4. Well, that worked well. Got ripped just eating scraps left over from cutting up on Sunday night. Brownies were really gooey (cook a little longer next time), so there was plenty of sampling going on. Last night my wife and I each ate small pieces (1x1x1) to get a better idea of dosage. Very nice high! Not couch lock, but very potent.

    I don’t have the means to test, but the results were good enough that I will definitely be using the ultrasonic infusion process again. Easy and effective.
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  5. I want to try this.
    Can you recommend an Ultrasonic cleaner?
    Is it as simple as setting a time and temp?
    Thanks for trying this.
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  6. You need to run a side by side test. Your regular method vs the ultrasonic. We've not had a real run off to my knowledge. I get such good results I never felt the need for one but wondered what the results are.

    <--- loves testing edibles like that. Get some interesting trips out of it. LMAO.
    Hell I get into enough trouble capping days because I can never resist wiping the dish out with my finger when it's near empty and ... :) MMMMMmmmmm 2 or 3 dish wipes later I'm 2 feet off the ground walking on air.

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  7. I have an iSonic P4820, but the P4810 is probably a better choice if you’re buying for this purpose. You can get one with an accessory for centering a beaker for that model. Look for YouTube videos for making liposomal vitamin C.

    Yes, very simple.
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  8. thx
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  9. sorry for being so dense but was the weed already decarbed or is that what you were doing for the 2 hours@150?
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  10. Treating this as an experiment that might fail, I decided to get a cheap one:
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  11. The ultrasonic was used to infuse the cannabinoids into coconut oil. The flower was decarbed before this.
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  12. I’m gonna try this on my wife’s meds.

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  13. That was my thought also. I did already have the ultrasonic cleaner, so I was only risking the cost of the weed. Well worth it, but a side-by-side as BNW recommended is a good idea. Please post your results. My unit is fixed at 150 degrees, but experimenting with time is still an option.
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  14. I've decided to join you in your experimentation. I've just found out that I have an ailment that could benefit from from microemulsion and plan to hit it hard. The science is good on it so I'll be joining you as a second voice on the topic if you don't mind.

    I've done a lot of research on this specifically over many years now and am convinced there's benefit. :)
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  15. For anyone looking into this, I read somewhere about the difference between some of the home and commercial ultrasonic cleaners, but can't find it now. There was something about an industrative grade stack ultrasonic transducer that the commercial units have that's far superior to what some of the home one's use. It is suppose to play an important roll in making liposomal vitamin C, so I'd guess that it applies to our use also. I'll continue to look for the link to that information.
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  16. I used to tap into The Source Turbo Facebook group and a lot of them were into using these and had a lot of info. I quit FB and wish now that I had that at my fingertips. It mainly started out as a "new toy" kind of thing but they were doing the ultrasound thing and having a lot of success. I didn't pay much attention to the equipment because I had no funds or anything to get all the tools to do it up Source Turbo style.

    @bkarnaze was a name I saw there occasionally. :)
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  17. I'm a sucker for gadgets, including Source.
    But I'm no longer a Facebook user.
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  18. Me, neither. No, No (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif
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  19. That makes three. My wife does FB. I’ll ask her to look into this, but although she loves the fruits of my labor, the details don’t interest her.

    Do you remember any of the specifics of their findings? Time? Temperature? Ratio of ingredients?
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  20. #20 AnOldUR, Sep 3, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
    Ran another batch through the ultrasonic yesterday. Failed to do a side by side. Maybe next time, but I’m convinced of the validity of this technique.

    Half ounce of decarbed Skywalker OG, four ounces of ghee, two teaspoons of lecithin for three hours in the ultrasonic. Ran the extra hour because the temperature dropped to 120 degrees when I forgot to reset the heat function.

    Made 35 tootsie rolls with one ounce of the butter. I figure about 25mg per piece. Wife and I each ate one. Borderline too much. Still need the side by side or find a way to test, but there’s no doubt that the process is legit.

    Side note. First time making tootsie rolls. Super easy no cook (beside the decarb) edible. Strong cannabis taste, similar to the first hit of really good weed from a vaporizer. Never got that from an edible before. Very nice!
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