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  1. I am trying to stay sober for a month.If you read my thread about it then you should know.Anyway I just got presribed ultracet(tramadol)for my back.My back is hurting pretty bad but I dont really want to take these.I would rather just go buy another sack.I plan to not take any but with my back and muscles hurting it may be hard not to.

    Here is the question though.Do these have rec value?I think they might becouse at the hospital I was given tramadol and I felt altittle high however they also gave me morphine so I couldnt say which it was.I have read on erowid some reports and some say its a nice little high.I was really wanting to know though so I could donate them.

    So what I am asking is have any of you here at GC tried this substance?If so how was it?
  2. yeah, its hit or miss. if you dont fuck with opiates then you can catch a buzz, if you do, its gonna be tough to catch a buzz. anything over 400mg can cause seizures, so be careful.
  3. Thanks.I used to have a semi high tolerance to opiates.I am prescribed hydrocodone also(makes me wander why the hell they gave me these)I used to take 30-40 mgs and be pretty high.I stopped taking them when that dosage didnt do much anymore.Yesterday my back was hurting very bad so I took a 7.5 mg/325 Hydrocodone.It gave me a buzz and I was feeling preptty good so I suppose my tolerance went down alot.If I do choose to take these it will be only 150mg-200mg.I have read almost all the reports on erowid and alot of them say the had seizures,and thats bad.They did take relitively high doses though.

    From what I have read it lasts alot longer but its even mellower than Codiene but with more of a "speedy" effect.Makes you constipated and theres trouble passing urine when taking for longer than a few weeks.I will most likely trash them or give them away becouse I will most likely take a few like them and then go balls out and do the rest.Then I will be in trouble,I also wouldnt want to be sitting on the toilet or even worse have someone clean my own ass of shit.Kinda nasty but hey thats what it CAN do to you.

    So my summary so far is I may do it rec one time after giving the rest away or trashing them.It sounds like it isnt worth it to take them more than once.I would rather be in pain then take something that sounds this awful,if it really is to my body.
  4. Yes tramadol has recreational use. I've taken it before, it's not bad. If you got to 50mg then take 3 or 4 and you'll be good for like 8 hours. Be careful, although they're a synthetic opiate they can still be pretty addictive.
  5. My back is hurting so I took 1112.5 mg's of Tramadol.I hope its pleasant.I know I said I was going to stay sober,but my back was hurting so bad it was hard to get out of this computer chair.I dosed at 4.40 and I am going to go chill.I may report back the effects if any.
  6. my friend used to have 200mg extended release tramadols with no APAP...all you had to do was chew them to break the outer coating. id chew 2-3 and itd feel like being on morphine orally no joke, lasted mad long too. never had a seizure either even at 600mg. the pills were all white and all they had was 200ER on one side, i thought he was bullshitting me at first but i looked them up on pharmer.org.

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