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  1. Alright so ive devised a way to have a small, yes i know get but safe, planting area. If you bought 4 or 5 storage bins/tubs ( this one just happens to be black already http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=44066-78148-93800&lpage=none)
    Stack them atop one another and cut out the top of the first bottom and top of second etc. So that the plants could sit in the bottom bin and grow up threw a 'closet'. I know everyone is going to say hell just get a closet.... well if i put a closet in my closet my parents might think something is up lol.
    Then set up a 2x4 frame...numerous ones that you can stack on each other and 'build up' as your plants grow.... http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/side.top.jpg
    Im using either clamp on lights with cfl or floro(resting atop frame or hanging down)
    I would then have a vent out of one of the boxes through some wall and into the attic where i can have a carbon filter to make sure it doesnt smell.
    Wires would be run into the boxes from the back (hidden)
    Its all hydro so i just pump the water out every once in a while
    To get at the plants just lift the boxes either off or up a few inches then put a board across underneath to hold them up while you work.

    Do you guys think this setup is decent. I mean its cheap, hidden, and i only intend on grow prolly 2 plants.
  2. well if your parents go in your closet your most likely screwed, because it will still look strange. just kill you parents and grow in their room:smoke:
  3. have 4 or so storage bins stacked up wont look strange becuase i already have some there i will jsut switch out the stuff. MY parents hardly ever make it into my room let alone my closet. WTF would look suspicious about storage bins?

    My other idea was straight carboard boxes but they would look kinda suspicious and they would get ?wet? even with lining and possibly catch fire from the lights so im going to rule them out
  4. well if there is no light leakage from the bins, and no wires going to them or sound or whatever you should be allright. Just keep your closet closed and your door locked, you never know when those sneaky bastards will come in your room. i still vote to kill them lol jk good luck bud!!:wave::wave:
  5. very nice, i like the idea!
    but how are you going to get a carbon filter into the attic without your parents knowing? and how are you going to make holes in the wall for the vent without your parents knowing?

    not trying to put you down, im just curious
  6. just hook up the carbon thing to your exhaust fan but keep it all in your closet. this way you dont have to cut through walls and since your parents don't go in your closet your good! itll just smell nice in your room, you should be ok. but maybe think about locking your door from now or maybe that will arouse suspicion..:ey:
  7. with the vent through the walll i was thinking that it would be okay because i would have the bins right up against it so you could never see it. as for carbon hear me out... we have an attic for storage over the garage so this attic (not connected to garage one) is not used and only has insulation. entry is through the ceiling in my brothers room which i could get to to get it up there.
    I know how to wire a house so it shouldnt be too bad tapping the attics electric for my grow... vent and electric will entry through back... cant be seen. As for the sound, i will have this small fan turned off during times where my parents could be in my room (morning) for approx and hour.
  8. hey sounds good man, looks like you got some knowledge. Now put it to use and get growing!
  9. yo when u get that box and ur setup post it here cuz i wanna see how u do it cuz i have one of those same moving boxes
  10. i definetly will post i just need to get these shitty bag seeds to germinate. They are swelling but still not showing fucking roots...(yes they are in paper towels in a bag in warm dark place so dont yell at me)
  11. Hmmmm I need to find a way to grow in my room without the parents knowing too. I like your idea. Too bad I'm not as fortunate as you.

  12. dude all u have to doo is get a big card board box lights and reflective shit for sides oh and a fan. just make sure shit is light proof.
  13. The only right answer here is don't grow in your parents' house. Wait until you have your own place.
  14. yeah i mean if your planning anything more than 1 or 2 plants definetly dont do it in your own house. if its just 1 or 2 they will be pissed but prolly okay. just tell them it started as a science project and you changed it to weed somehow idk lol.
    you dont think that the cardboard would be a problem with moisture?... besides it woul dnot look very stealthy so i advize no one to try it.
  15. Ive started to set up my grow box... still waiting on my shitty seeds tho. Instead of running wires straight from the box i decided to just use and extension cord. There are no outlets in my closet so i need a way to get a cord in there without looking obvious. Luckily for me only a wall is between my bed and my grow space so simple enough... i put the cord through the wall (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/DSC01188.jpg) Out the other side (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/DSC01190.jpg) and reattached the female end. here are the bins (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/DSC01191.jpg) and this is the fan i plan to use from an old air hockey table (http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/DSC01192.jpg) it will be mounted where the duct table is and the carbon scrubber will be in a small attic type area where no one has access to. http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc80/q9p9q9p9/DSC01193.jpg

    Tell me what you guys think?
  16. Actually even 1 or 2 plants under your parents' roof is not OK. Among other things, if you get busted then property seizure laws in some states mean that your parents could lose their house.
  17. Well if your parents are cool about it what's the problem? Even though mine aren't I know my mom wouldn't really care if she found out. She'd probably expect it. Not to mention unless you're special or something I don't see the FBI nor local plice around my house coming in for a raid anytime soon. Nor have I ever had a police officer step foot into my house in the 19 years I've been alive. :smoking:

    ANd I can't use a cardboard box. I was thinking of trying one of those computer cases.... Don't think they work though.
  18. Hey twisted. great idea! it looks like it has the potential to grow a nice plant or two. keep us updated on how everything works out.
  19. well the seeds went to shit.. serves me right for using bagseed. Going to try and germ some new seeds and get this set up going
  20. my first few seeds i tried failed too. don't give up!

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