Ultra Music Festival 2010

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  1. Hi, this years gonna be my first year at ultra and i was just trying to know like how to prepare myself..like am i allowed to bring a camelbak since its so expensive for water apparently? do they not have fountains or free water? i already know i should dress light i guess..and feedback will help..im beyond excited.
  2. This will be my 4th year in a row going to Ultra :D

    Although I'm kind of disappointed in the line up so far...only a few good acts. Tiesto just needs to stop, seriously, the guy is a big fail and has been for a few years now. I'm excited to see Armin though and ATB and some other trance acts. Lets just hope phase 2 & 3 are better, yeah? Ha.

    Okay OP, you ready to listen? Okay.

    Once you go to Ultra, you will forever continue going. I shit you not I have yet to meet someone who has gone and has never returned! Water is $5 and they will NOT let you bring your own (which is bull). Please wear sunblock as you will burn into a crisp if you don't. There will be cops.....but this is the beauty of Ultra. As long as you don't make it obvious as hell that you are fucked up on something, they will leave you alone. They are only there to break up fights or to help people who faint or whatever. The first time I went to Ultra literally within 5 mins the drums and bass stage reeked of weed....and they didn't give a damn. THERE WILL BE UNDERCOVER COPS THOUGH. If anyone, and I mean anyone asks you for weed, lsd, ecstasy (especially), etc. simply say "No."....because you will have no idea if they are undercover or not. You usually know who the undercovers are because you see them talking with the cops dressed in uniform XD so they fail at trying to be slick.

    Also, have you purchased your tickets yet? The more acts they announce, the higher the price will be. I plan to get mine sometime next week. Are you attending other WMC events or only Ultra? Regardless, ultra is super fun! Great music, good vibes (usually, there are always those bitch ass people that think they are better than everyone because they don't do drugs) but at the end of the night I say a good 97% of the 70,000+ that attend are fucked up on something :eek:

    Anymore questions?
  3. haha yeah i was wondering about that..i already have my plan to sneak in what i need just put it in the crotch area of like a sports spandex thing where a cup would go (i plan on smoking many blunts lol, maybe roll them in the portopottys)..but im just worried about rolling friday..than coming saturday and it not being as intense..cause from what ive seen day 1 (tiesto) he does put on a pretty good show..but im super stoked for deadmau5 which is saturday so hopefully ill just be so excited and happy to be at ultra i can reach that point again..and as for undercovers you can ask them if they're cops and if they deny it and still try and buy thats entrapment..usually they try to avoid the question you just gotta pick up on it.
  4. They will search you in the gates but honestly the people there don't give a fuck. I usually know someone working at the gates so I go through without getting searched :) and dude...pre-roll the blunts.....the portopotties idea is horrible. Pre-roll FTW. and dude....about rolling...start drinking lots of orange juice (or anything with vitamin C) a month prior....you will still roll hard (depending on how many you take). I roll both days and last year I rolled harder on Saturday than I did Friday :eek:

    You will be fine and the undercovers will come up to you, try to befriend you and then ask if you have anything, just smile and say "nope, I'm high on life" or some cheesy line like that and they will leave you alone lol. I've had so many come up to me and ask me. Ultra is fun dude! Promise you'll have a good time :) I can't waitttttttt!
  5. idk where i would stash them pre rolled with out them getting crushed or bent..i mean i suppose i can throw them back in the swisher box, but if for whatever reason they look inside thatd be bad lol..and 3 of my friends are going and were plannin on maybe 30 rolls so 10 each..4 the first day 6 the second i guess..spaced out of course..and i didnt plan on selling anyways..maybe asking for some bud to sample something new cause i do love my trees :)
  6. Any of your friends going female? They can put the blunts inbetween their bra and take them out when they are finally inside. Try putting them on the side of your pants...if you get what I mean? :confused:

    Seriously though don't roll them in the potties...thats going to be a disaster. And wow that's a lot. I only roll at night lol. Do not ask people for trees dude...bring your own crap :)

    and yes if you have a swisher box or cigs box they will open it and check it.
  7. hmmm no its just me and 2 of my buddies..im sure we can figure something out lol we'll get creative..if worse comes to worse i can roll them in the potties lol it shouldnt be that difficult..if not just bring like black and milds or something and empty them out while walking around and just pack them up lol..ahh idk.
  8. Dude check your PM's.

    *edit* nvm you did lol
  9. Awwwwwww, this thread got more replies when it was in the general section :(

    Could this thread be moved or something?
  10. yeah i agree if this could be moved to general that would be great.
  11. Well I noticed they have the Coachella thread here too so I guess that's why this one has stayed. But yeah it did get more replies. Actually, the first post I made in this thread was the post I was going to post in the other thread lol and when I clicked "reply" it was already deleted =/
  12. yeah, oh well. haha i have a feeling these 62 days are gonna be the longest 62 days of my life.
  13. dam this shit looks sick as hell...i live in seattle tho but a buddy of mine moved to miami and went to ultra last year said its soo insane
  14. yeah im so stoked.
  15. OMFG my brother went last year with his GF. i want to go so bad but i dont have the money for it ATM.

    people were tryin to sell my brother all sorts of stuff but like way over priced.

    i can get rolls for $8 each here is PSL but at ultra people sell them for $40-$50. thats a lot of potential profit,lol.
  16. theres gotta be more people going!
  17. 53 days..hell yes!!!
  18. Does anyone think that it is possible to sneak into Ultra?

  19. Yes but you have to be sneaky. My friend ran through the gate and actually stayed inside lol.

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