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    Hello there

    I have a ultra grow 1000 watt switchable eco ballast
    The box says dual voltage 120v/240v. Compatible with
    MH and HPS lamps.

    Now i got it as a present and thinking to grow some
    If anybody can tell me whats that thing is??

    I want to use 2 lamps max in my basemant but. Ot sure if i should build a tant or plywood and than use pylon (ive read bout it ob the forums here)
  2. It sounds like a ballast to run your lights. I have two Phantom Digital ballasts that run 1X 1,000 watt HPS bulbs each. You can run whatever wattage you wish, as long as the power added doesn't over-go the max wattage for BOTH! The MH is for Metal Halide and the HPS is for High Pressure Sodium. I use the HPS and I'm extremely happy with the setup! My hubs is a GC (General Contractor) so he actually partitioned off a room and added walls and doors to separate the veg room from the flowering room and give me a work area for taking notes, mixing nutes, etc. I'm a first timer so I am thrilled to pieces with this setup! 
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    So i should have 2 rooms??
    One veg andine for fliwering?

    How many flowers can i set up with 1 hps lamp using this ultra grow and wilk i stilk need 2 rooms?
    As after 3 to 4 months i will harvest and repeat

    Also how does the hps lamps consume ekectricity?i dontwant to go all wild and get busted how many plants can i have under 1lamp??in going to start from clones not seeda

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