Ultra amnesia haze wont grow?

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  1. THis plant is growing in foxfarms O.F. with no additives or nutes. Anyone that can help me save the last of this strain I will be eternally grateful. Lighting is a 150 watt advanced platinum LED. Its been 4 days since this pic and still no new growth, I did repot it and it had very nice root system but still seems to not want to grow.

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  2. yeah that thing looks stunted and stressed as all hell. I had to throw away a white widow seedling that got stunted. Sad but you need to cull the weak.

    edit: also try using a potting soil that contains mycorrhizae or you can add it into the soil your self while transplanting planting if you don't already. And here's why...

  3. I used foxfarms soil but i did leave the bloom switch on my light most the time which I think fucked it. Check this new growth out, im not gonna give up on it just yet.

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  4. You sir, have a mutated plant.

    I love growing these out, lol. I have a funky one myself.

    Have a journal you're updating it in or no?

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  5. What you know about magic gnome's saving plant's. She's ALIVE!

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