Ultimate watering/feeding practices?!

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  1. So some of you may recognize this screen name more and more.. im trying to be more active in this community. But one thing i see a lot of controversy on is watering and feeding... id like to reach out to all the seasoned pros on here and get some info and MAYBE, make this thread available to other beginners when they search this subject in google?

    For starters, iv heard several people tell me to ALWAYS water with just water before you feed. Can anyone explain why?

    2nd id just like to give my watering routine so everyone can feel my situation and hopefully if im doing anything wrong someone an help..

    For starters, i use a 5 stage R/O system for everything. It comes out the nozzle right at 6.4-6.5. PERFECT! When i feed, i use fox farm liquid fertilizers. (Grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom) and i feed according to the fox farms chart. Also, i dont feed every water. If it has been “fed” i just rinse when shes thirsty. If it was rinsed last time, (meaning shes ready to be fed) i wet the soil with 2 solo cups of pure water, THEN feed. reason for this is all the grow bags are sitting in water treys so it doesnt go all over the tent. Inevitably something always runs out the drain holes in the bottom but if i pre-water before i feed more than 2 cups, the treys over flow. ALSO, the standing water in the treys get soaked back up into the soil within a few hours.

    I can tell when a plant has been fed or rinsed according to how many zip ties i stick in the soil. And i determine when to water/feed with a moisture tester. If its a 4 or lower i water.

    With all this info, i do still get some minor deficiencies but never anything dramatic. I just want to know if im doing this right. Can anyone confirm or deny? Even just spreading information on what YOU do could not only help me but many others. Thanks in advance everyone!!

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  2. The goal is always perfect hydration. But very few growers have drip systems or dwc. So everything else is a convenient compromise. If you have a container of medium and you water it, as soon as you water, it is over watered in that the medium now contains more moisture than it needs. And then to make it all work out fair, the grower must now wait until medium is underwatered, and then compensate again by over watering. The medium is only at optimum moisture for a brief time after it is over watered and before it is under watered. So in a drain to waste system, that is what we are working with.
  3. I would test your RO water again ??
    All RO drinking water should be right at 7.0 .
    Anything lower isn't healthy for humans ...
    Most all RO systems are for drinking water too.
    6.5 ph is acidic for human consumption
  4. So the two main options are like you do, just a little, very little runoff, low ppm and water. Option 2 would be feed all the time, flush old salts out with new fresh oxygenated liquid. But that requires a drain system.
    If you miss and feed more than the plant uses, the result will be salt build up, and with a no drain system your only option is repotting. Which is a good option by the way. No right or wrong, just many ways of dealing with proper hydration and feeding.
    Allowing plant to drink it's own runoff works great if the runoff is fresh and unpolluted with salt residue. A better option is to bottom feed directly skipping the trip through the medium.
    The more organic the medium, the less water/feed needed and more is detrimental. The more soiless fast draining the medium is the more hydration/feeding required but less risk of build up since everything is moving down and out.
  5. So whats the story with watering before you feed then? Why is that?

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