Ultimate watering/feed solution???

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  1. In coco presumably?
    Why drain to waste?
    Why not stop feeding them water.
    Lower the nute dose so it's not necessary.
    Then recirc the lot and save about 90% on your nutes bill and god knows how much time pissin about with nutes.
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  2. Yes it's coco. Recirc in the nutes leaves them eventually unbalanced. I did that for a time but the residual nutes eventually becomes unbalanced. You can add water back until your conductivity looks right, but your NPK ratios aren't necessarily where you'd want them to be. Also, old nutes bind to other things and become locked out in different ways. Drain to waste because they constantly get the exact ratio that I want with fresh nutes. The difference in yield between recirc and now WAY more than pays for the extra water and nutes.I average 1 - 1.5 lb finish yield and used to get about .5. Over 10 plants and an extra couple hundred in water per cycle - there's no question it's a better way. And... Once a week I fill my rez's and mic the nutes - takes about 10 mins to mix. Piece of cake. The water feed helps flush out excess salt build ups. I'm not pitching my method over another - but it's a pretty common type of DTW coco system - I was only explaining how I do it. I was answering the OP about using 2 different rez's in one drip system - which is how I do it. I've had it running a 10 plant perpetual system for 4 years now and it works very well for me. Best of luck however you do it.
  3. So, i think i have figured it out!! Went to my lical grow store and talked to them about it. I came up with the drainage myself but the guys at the grow store set me up with a pretty neat yet simple solution. Cost me 200 bucks to completely automate the watering. All i have to do is mix the nutes whenever the 55 gal rez empties.

    As you may know from experience, you cant get EVERYTHING you need in one trip to the store... you HAVE to make several trips. Its just the laws of the universe for some reason... but gotta hit the store tomorrow to get a couple more little things and il try to get pics of my completely automated water/drainage system!!

    *Side note*

    I didnt even realize how awesome this would be for co2 enrichment until i bought everything either... i could theoretically only have to open the tent to trim/lst! My gorilla tent has the windows with velcro covers so i can take a look without disturbing the environment!!

    Once i get it all set up il try n get some pics and details to share!! Thanks for all the help!!!

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  4. Cant wait for the update on your set up. I'm getting real tired of hand watering, I just cant keep up!
  5. Was going to do the floraflex cap/matrix things but am instead going to try homemade drip halos on a timer+pump over coco in fabric pots, drain to waste.
  6. Thats exactly how I do it. I use cycle timers and have 2 Rez's - one for nutrients and one just pH'd water. Nutrients pump 2x a day only during lights on and water pumps 1x every 24 hours. Piece of cake really. I had to figure out a way to break the syphon so that the rez didn't drain out when the pump stopped. I also put 2 check valves inline at each rez so that each one didn't just backfeed into the other. In my case, I don't have a floor drain to let them all run into, so the drip trays drain into a large tote - I have a float switch connected to a pump inside it so that when it's full enough, it pumps out in a line that connects with a laundry room drain. I've been running this system for about 3 years or so and it works phenomenally well.
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