Ultimate watering/feed solution???

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  1. Whats up everyone!!

    So i been cultivating for just under 2 years now... and i have noticed, that a good 2/3 of my time is spent ph balancing, mixing nutes, ec checking/rinsing, yaddi yadda yadda...

    I have looked into the auto dosers but of course they are pretty expensive. I run 70%coco 30%perlite and using the gen hydro trio with cal mag. I also have an 8x8 flower tent, 4x8 veg tent and 2 moms and lots of clones. Its not a problem to use 20 + gallons some days. The goal is to have a res with just ph’ed water (rinse) and another res with nute water that is ec AND ph balanced. (feed)

    Does anyone know of a single system that can operate 2 different reservoirs? Any ideas in general to cut down on rinse/feed time? Links to anything would be a HUGE help!

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  2. Idk why you would want a plain water bucket if you are in coco. Anyways there are 2 pretty easy inexpensive options and that is if you want to continue hand watering get a large tote and a air pump mix nut water in there and run air stone In the bottom to keep it mixed. Then if you want to be automatic you will just buy a drip kit for container gardens. Which will require resivuor(both options use one) air pump and air stone(both) a submersible pump(only drip system) tubing to get water from res to pots, drippers to limit the water, and of course a timer that is capable of seconds/min.
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  3. My vote says go for autopots.
    Don't have to adjust the res cos the plants don't feed directly from it.
    Gravity fed so no pumps other than an airstone for the res.
    1 res for veg.
    1 res for bloom.
    Attach as many pots to each res as you want.
    But Yeah, why would you need a plain water tank for coco ? Strange requirement lol.
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  4. CC32DF6D-3AFE-478E-BF55-F7BA5C0E0450.jpeg SWICK has been a game changer for me. I’m often gone for 3 weeks at a time and had to have something that was semi-autonomous. It was widely believed that plants could not be successfully bottom fed through a Swick system using a coco/perlite medium. NOT SO!!,

    This plant was grown with a single nutrient, FloraNova Bloom, under a 12/12 light schedule from seed. I have a 20 or 55 gal drum available as reservoir that feeds an auto filling Swick basin. I’ve literally gone weeks without even looking at the plant. This plant reached a height of almost 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide with virtually no attention.

    If you’re interested, google “Tribulations of an absentee gardener” and you’ll find a pretty concise diary with construction “how-to” and source for equipment.

    Good luck
  5. Sounds like rinseing isn’t necessary with coco... i was told its always good to rinse before i feed. Sometimes, depending on how recently they got fed, i just give them straight ph’ed water.
    I also converted this crop to coco instead of a soil mix... maybe i should have mentioned that as well

    the rinse serves as a good way to not use so much nutes and be able to feed and check run off a bit more efficiently IMO. I rinse with 5.8 water and usually feed about 5.9-6.0 and the run off typically is the same ph as what i poor in by the end of the feed. My drainage ststem is simple, but effective. All containers are suspended about 4” above massive treys in the floor. All the rinse water is collected and i use a shop vac to drain it out. Then when i feed, i place an individual trey under 2 of the 8 plants and check feed run off. Havent had one spike yet!

    last thing, is it ok to have mixed nutes for that long? I have a 55 gallon trash can that catches the RO run off with a big air stone, temp controlled and a MASSIVE air pump

    I dont mind hand feeding, i just want to dip my pitcher in the res and pour it rather that manually mixing and ph’ing everything. When its all said and done, il have 24 3 gal pots, (16 in flower 8 in veg) 2 moms and at least 8 clones in solo cups. The watering starts to become overwhelming
  6. my last grow was only one plant. My 20 gal drum reservoir lasted well over a month with no apparent problems, in spite of the fact that GH recommended a much shorter storage time. I’m not sure if it creates a suspension or a solution so I have a small hose that reaches to the bottom of the drum and about once a week when I’m home, I’ll pump some air through it with my compressor.

    I know it’s an accepted standard to flush coco periodically but in my 5 years of experience, I’ve never practiced it. Flushing is primarily used to remove salt buildup from the nutrients drying up in presence of air. My SWICK system keeps the coco at a dead level moisture level and never offers an opportunity for the coco to dry out, therefore, no salt buildup except on the exterior of the rag bags.

    Are you using fabric bags?
  7. Man that would be cool. And to have soil probes so u know what they need.

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  8. Got any pics of this "wick " system bud?
    Sounds a bit like an autopots lol :)
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    487E59F9-9022-4B1B-9841-8AAB429A5611.jpeg 406742FB-B394-406E-85C0-6FED9F9D124C.jpeg Not real familiar with the autopots but I think the principle is similar.
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  10. Fuck yeah man that's awesome. How deep is the media and how many plants you out in that?
    Cool system mate. I like different :)
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  11. I ran coco DTW for a few years. 55 gallon res to a 20 site custom made pvc manifold. I filled, mixed, and ph’d the res to 5.0 Aerating it brought ph up to 5.7 to 5.8 and it would rise to 6.3 after 4-5 days so I would drop it back to 5.7 and let it feed until close to empty. That lasted about 10 days feeding 2x a day. Runoff was collected on a slopes table into a gutter and a shov pac cleaned the gutter on a timer, 20 minutes after each feed. All I did was empty the shop vac every few days
  12. The basin containing the perlite is 6” deep. I keep the water level at 4” which places the rag bags full of coco/perlite at 2” above water level. My cabinet is 4’ wide 2’ deep and 6’ high. My original plan was to accommodate 8 small plants but keeping everything small was a miserable failure!! The plant I posted was grown with a 12/12 light schedule from seed. The first 6 weeks I used 75w of cheap screw in LED’s. The size had already gotten out of hand so just as an experiment I went vertical with 275w of 4’ LED tubes and it turned into a total monster. I may have been able to accommodate a second plant but it would have been crowded.

    My goal is variety rather than quantity. It’s difficult to call this grow a failure but it wasn’t what I was seeking. I know a SOG or SCROG would be the rational answer but I’m just not around enough to make that work. My next trial is going to be some autos using 12/12 light from seed in hopes of keeping the size manageable.

    This SWICK system keeps the toes of the plant in a totally constant moisture level with consistent access to nutrients 100% of the time. In spite of all my efforts to keep them small, so far everything I’ve grown acts like they’re on steroids!! Usually not a bad problem but, again, just not what I’m after!
  13. no, actually i am not using fabric. I was worried i would have to water damn near every day considering im lucky to only have to water every other day with plastic pots. i have a plan for this massive tent but as of now i just have 4 chongers in 5 gal buckets and it takes up a whole half of the 8x8. (under a net of course)

    i guess what im really getting at is a way to spin less time in the green house. i find it... rather therapeutic to be down there but i have other pressing matters to take care of most of the day. i will DEFINITELY be looking into this tho. those plants look fantastic!!
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  14. i have heard of the drip rings and now that im in coco, i feel like thats much more practical. as of THIS crop i just put into flower, i switched to coco. so for the better part of 18 months i was using pro mix.

    im very interested in your system tho man. i like cheap, but it HAS to be effective! if you have any pics id love to see what you got going on!
  15. i have to say boss, id love to see your set up too! I feel like im a pretty good out of the box sort of thinker... but sometimes, someone has done the thinking for me and figured out something genius! im all ears!... and eyes
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  16. Mines is a shitehole just now mate lol.
    Untented attic so I'm fucked for the winter.
    Can't fit a tent cos of the joists and can't build one cos I've already had to strip out in a hurry twice and it leaves too many tell tales.
    Cos there's no tent I can't use hps for the winter or my neighbours will spot it so gotta use blurples and just take what I get.
    It never ends well so I lose motivation quickly lol.
    Just started my summer journal though so it'll be back up to operational standards shortly.
    Got 2 nft res that I'll be basterdising into Wilma type systems for coco.
  17. I just hand water and mix daily because I ended up switching to hydro buckets here is my setup now.
  18. so this idea really sold me at first... i cant lie. but i let my clones veg for quite a while. cut them in half once they are about 2 foot tall then transplant straight into a 5 gallon. at the same time, i put a small tomato cage in around it too. that would be hard to do with those buckets... and they go from a veg tent to a separate tent for flower so they have to be semi portable i guess? im sure that wouldnt be a big deal but honestly i dont know too much about them. im going to look into it more tho and il get back with you sometime!
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  19. I have been using 2 tents for the past year and I dont switch my plants just the light cycle. The buckets I am using as stupid expensive so I wouldnt suggest it if you go hydro. Easiest way is just to get a garbage can or other large contai,er and mix like 3 or 4 days of nutes at once it will cut grow room time in half.
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  20. I do exactly this. I have a 10x11 flower room - drip feed system that I put together. I veg in a separate area, about 4 x 8 - and those I just feed by hand. In the flower room, one res is nutes and the other is water. I pH balance the water and add rhizotonic and beneficials. But the plants get nutes twice a day during lights on, and water is fed once every 24 hours. Everything drains back to a reservoir with a float switch that pumps to drain. I plumbed the water and nute lines together and added check valves so that each doesn't just pump back into the other. I also had to find a way to break the syphon once the pump stopped. I put this together about 4 years ago and it has worked out very well with only minor maintenance.

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