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ultimate stoner poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hardcore_kid, Jul 6, 2003.


one more bowl left, you stoned. smoke now or wake n bake before tryingtofind a bag??

  1. get STONED!!!!!!!!

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  2. damn chief, you will be bored tomorrow without it...

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  1. so i need to get a bag. i have enough little nugs to get me pretty high once in the morning, and i'm already pretty high right now, but i could smoke it now and be even better. and again, tomorrow i have no idea what will happen as far as scoring herb, you know how dealers are, i don't know how bad it is in your area, but i deal with my friends. you know, teenagers. and they have a tendency to bullshit.

    smoke what i got now, or wait for a decent wake and bake?
  2. save it for tommorow. i always plan ahead when it comes to ganja. if you can t find any tommorow, smoke it tommorow night, but if you can, you have extra;)

  3. I try to do that but i just end up smoking the green instead of saving it for the next day when i would need it more but i guess im fuckin lame when it comes to saving mary jane.
  4. I bet that even though the votes are leaning towards saving it, he's gonna smoke it tonight. It's still earrrrly.
  5. i ended up stretching it out, i have a small little straight wooden spoon, actually i dont think it's wood, it seems like bone or something. no rush, just a tiny little bowl, but it hits nice, and i split my shit up. so i smoked another last night, and i caught a little buzz this morning.

    and im pretty sure im getting nugs later on, so things are looking up, i havent smoked dank in a quick minute..
  6. smoking is always better. live in the now.

    tomorrow you can wait, its not like your addicted and need a fix everyday. if you get more cool, if you dont no biggy. might aswell be totally baked and sit down with some rapping cartoons.
  7. geesh, thats a hard question.

    sure a wake n bake would be nice, but damn it, i'm bored now!

    fuck it. smoke the shit, and make sure you got some good coffee so you can make it till you get a bag.
  8. i have problems... i'd have to smoke it before i went to sleep.... weed comes and goes though.... all it takes is one call the next day...
  9. ahh i hate when that happens, i'd save it..

    i usually try to save it for the following day, at least .5..but if i'm up late and my buzz wears off, i end up smokin it..cuz there's no problem scoring weed around here..sometimes our dealer fucks around, but at least one of my friends ALWAYS has it so we get smoked out.

    but yeah, no matter how hard it is to save it, try!! lol cuz u may get that nice buzz but what about tomorrow when ur jonesin.
  10. You gotta roll a last joint and smoke twos to help u get 2 sleep and the other half the next morning to help u start the day! It fucks u up more in the morning too if u smoke as soon as u wake!
  11. if it was me i would smoke it assoon as possible because something bad could you die in your sleep or something or aliens abduct you and you leave your bud beind...
  12. I would try my best to save it , but with no guarantees.!!!! HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah come on Pothead i know you like THC very much but thats no reason to steal his signuture dude ;)
  14. smoke it now.....
  15. well hey Pothead Pete, since everyone is so defensive of their siggies, you can steal mine!! ;)
  16. I believe in the lonst lasting alternative... if that means you have to wait, then by all means do so.. it will tide you over until you can get more right? then you can be high the whole time instead of stoned for alittle while.. just my opinion of course!!
  17. this is indeed the ultimate stoner poll.

    much like the ultimate questions of philosophy such as "What is the meaning of life?" this is the ultimate question that faces stoners everyday across the globe.

    to toke now or bake later?

    i'd have to say that it all depends on the likelyhood of getting more tomoro.

    if your getting none save it.
    if you can get anotha sack tomoro go for it... hit it in the most effective way you can. ;)
  18. If it was me, i'd break that nug in half.

    Smoke some now and save alittle for the morning,
    it only takes a couple of good hits to fire me up.

    Or roll a joint if you have that much and burn half and save the roach for the morning(lots of resin)yummm.

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