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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by wactm, May 14, 2011.

  1. Maybe this is too ambitious but I was thinking once I get some property to build one of these with a shed on top with a hidden trapdoor down to the stairs.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3EAJex1RVo]YouTube - Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter[/ame]
  2. Amazing!
  3. That would be fucking great to have! I want one!
  4. super illegal to make shelters IIRC, they be watchin' ya via satellite =)
  5. how is it illegal to make a bomb shelter? they made them threw the 50's in mass production....

    i always wanted the one like in gleaming the cube... so dope
  6. Plus you would be ready for a zombie apocalypse
  7. Exactly lol, its just a matter of time :smoke:
  8. Super Illegal only means don't get caught. ;) Anyway, if anyones watched the Union, you might remember they had one of these styles of grow operations up in the mountains in Canada. They had 8 train cars underground packed with weed. Something like 1-2 million dollars of marijuana was grown there every four months iirc. These numbers aren't exact, but they do express the magnitude of what a bomb shelter grow can do.

    It was so huge that after the police raided it they left the majority of the equipment there because the hassle of removing it all would be just too much.

    I'd love to do this too, and if you have a couple acres of dense forest and you built it at night, satellites wouldn't pick you up, depending on discreetness and what not.
  9. yeah, that grow was pretty epic... wish they hadn't gotten pinched... I only wish i had been able to see it in full production... :(
  10. Seems like it wouldn't be worth the cost unless you can do a lot of the work yourself, then how do you power it? If you had the resources to do all that why not just build a separate room in your house that has a stealth hide-a-way door

    Unless you were planning on using generators you're still gonna draw the same attention in regards to power consumption, if you're worried about stealth the thing you have to factor in, is in your house if someone somehow finds out about your grow they have to get in your house... outside in the shed its easier to break into due to people not being in there as often

    It has its benefits but it'd be heavily dependent on the type of grow you were planning on setting up, and the reasons you didn't want to just do it in your house
  11. yay now i have an idea of how much this might cost if i ever decide to do this i really want to
  12. Reminds me of the union: business behind getting high :p
  13. An underground grow op in the middle of the woods or mountains is a great amount safer from authorities, snooping humans, and general issues you may have with a grow operation. If you own five acres of land, even with a warrant you'll have four acres of land they'd have to comb to find the operation. The one acre your house is on will be clean except of maybe smokeable's and paraphernalia.

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