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Discussion in 'General' started by OGKushBlazer, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I'm new to smoking and have no supplies whatsoever. So what should I do with $80?

    Like what's needed?
  2. You need to give it to me and let me handle your future finances.
  3. You can get a damn good locally blown spoon pipe for $80

    I got an awesome one for $40
  4. Do I need a grinder? I want a pipe. And what else do I need?
  5. you need a lighter forsure. thats a biggy!

    fuck grinders for right now. just go out and buy yourself a nice $20 bowl
  6. Cheap pipe, lighter, and an eighth of Mary Jane.

    Have fun.
  7. You don't need a grinder. Just that nice spoon, some weed, and a lighter.
  8. Get a lighter of course lol...Get some good ass dank and start saving up for your future wife...Misses Glass Bong ;) ranges from 200-300 ;D.
  9. Hahaha of course i have a lighter! I smoke cigars.
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    Fuck that, you can get decent bong for $40. Hell, acrylic ones are $10. I suggest a grinder, one with a kief chamber.
  11. How do you have 346 posts and not know this stuff

    Is this a test? Are you a secret shopper? Are we being graded?
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    No I justed didn't understand the whole grinder thing. I have only smoked with friends.
  13. Grinder or just regular hand grinding man your still gonna get high either way lol that's the main point and to have fun xD not to be to expensive with shit lol.
  14. Any other advice? Like how do I know if I'm buying dirt?
  15. The smell and taste give it off...if is danky like really green and crystaly or purple/orange on it you got good ass dank...also the look might not be as good as the smell...So you gotta be a good spotter and no the difference(you usually can with good shit lol) But you will learn man so don't worry...and if it just mids you will know their mids they are usually brownish color...maybe some green...maybe some red....look for those qualities.

    Go this link to know the best stuff out there---http://www.marijuanastrains.com/ :smoke:
  16. Mid-grade and schwag are usually compressed during shipment and have seeds (less seeds for mids), a lot of shake (dry weed that's crumbled off).

    Beasters and headies are harder to differentiate than schwag (brown frown) & mids (green but not the best) are from beasters/headies.

    Beasters are essentially overdried headies that haven't been cured properly. Get you super-high, but not as high as sticky-icky headies. And they aren't as sticky-icky.
  17. knew to smoking,get used to making bongs,practice toking on cigarettes (so with the real shit you don't waste it),practice rolling.If I was in you place the best thing to do is by a cheap pipe,practice smoking through it,then buy the real shit.
  18. gangsta, I CAN smoke, and I don't waste the good shit. I take some BIG ass hits.
  19. Practice on cigarettes? that must be the dumbest advice that has ever been given.

    Cigarettes are way more harsh on your lungs than weed is lol. You're just prob so used to it.

    Just get an awesome bong. Choose carefully, as a bong isn't just a bong. Its a companion :p
  20. Around 2008 I got a GonG Jerome Baker 14" straight tube for like $89.00

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