Ultimate Peak

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  1. Anyone else ever experienced this? Not trying to sound like a noob here on GC :laughing: but has anyone else here honestly ever experienced this? I am so fucking stoned beyond relief and it feels like this is the first time that this has ever happened to me in my life. Regardless of how fucked up I sound while I tell this story, this is very new for me.

    Random- don't give a fuck-, but if it was 10:30 am right now, in 8 hours what time would it be? My brain can not simply fathom this challenge. [(To those of you who think I may sound pretty stupid, I have an excellent IQ and outstanding performance in high school (above 4.0)]. It can happen to stoners too :cool:

    Great night, however, I must retire. Peace out GC :D

    ps- In reality, my life is working out perfectly right now. If i sound like a dumbass in this post, well hey fuck you man, I use weed to help me get shit done. Fuck everything else. One love :hippie:
  2. Yeah man ive definitely been there its some crazy shit my brother. Did you green out?
  3. You can be over 4.0? N been there
  4. You can be over 4.0? N been there
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    You can be over 4.0, been there.

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