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  1. Okay so this is my first time growing outdoors in a region far enough away from home that I won't be able to see them. Ideally what I am thinking is to just have a system that runs on its own for months at a time, without me entertaining visits.

    This is what Im thinking:

    10 Gallon Grow bags filled with Foxfarms
    Solar water pump to provide water via drip irrigation to each grow bag

    The only question i really have is if there is a way to put a solar water pump system and retrofit with a timer, so it can only water during specific parts of the day rather than continuously.

  2. lol. are you serious?
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  3. Somebody wants pounds of Bobby brown.
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  4. You should check out Corto's grows. He sets them up so he only visits his plots a couple times per season ad gets some pretty nice yields for it. He posted his most recent grow in old porks outdoor grow journal. You could learn a lot from both of them old gurillas ;)

    The water pump idea sounds iffy to me if you aren't going to be checking often. I would worry that an animal would trip the hose, or the water line would get clogged. Anything could happen. Its best to plant near enough a water source that your plants can get their own water from the ground. Find this in a secure location and you should be golden. Just amend your soil so you don't need to feed and it should be a self sufficient grow.
  5. Can you just plant them alongside a river or something deep enough that the roots can just reach for the water?

    Im now thinking of digging a 2 foot deep hole (until i hit water leaking in from river) and just fill with good soil, and plant a clone... That should be good right? But that makes me wonder if the soil will be too moist all the time haha

    I'm willing to visit once a month but thats about it

  6. Root zones need to be able to dry out. Thats a very important process in the plants growth. If you plant near a river bed your plants are more than likely not going to live very long. Or they might live their whole life, but with very stunted growth

    You also have to factor in climate. If it rains for a day or two, and the underground water tables rise, they take long to get back down, so in essence you would be overwatering your plants for a very long time. Which would kill them
  7. Solar panels can be seen by any passing pilot BTW. No matter size, they're just so reflective.
  8. true!

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