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Ultimate Outdoor Grow Guide

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Dealingganja, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Hey grasscity! I have stayed up for hours finishing up the ultimate grow guide on my site. I welcome all of your to check it out

    Outdoor Marijuana Growing

    I appreciate any and all feedback. Keep smoking Grasscity and happy Christmas!!! :hello:
  2. you did a asume job.........:hello:
    I love growing outdoors cause the yields are very high esp. if you start them inside.
    Im going to try a really big yielder called -early fatty- early cause i live in north east.
  3. I like the chart in the outdoors grow guide. I live slightly above the 40 degree mark(NE) and I planted beginning of April and it seems my plants became a bit stressed. Would like to improve that this year...was quit cold this previous summer.
  4. Ahh your an NE grower? Well, my friend you gotta plant in in mid May. You also can't plant in the country because all the ditch weed will pollinate your plants. A forest area in an urban area like Omaha or Lincoln will suit you fine.
  5. imo, theres no need to plant so early. When you say gotta plant in mid may,not sure what you mean exactly because Ive grown outdoors in a few states(cali.n illinois,georgia) and have realized especially N Illinois I prefer planting as late as June or even july w/no probs having strains finishing same times(close to same yields) and so much less work watering ect... most strains planted earlier become soo big and tall (even w topping/pruning) on top half of plant(top heavy) and all bottom of plants yieldn nothing anyway! Dont mean to sound disrespectful to any1 elses opinions but I almost found the extra month or more of work each "early"summer one of my biggest" learn the hard way"mistakes when it comes to being really sucessful outdoors. Of course it also comes down to ur grow area and type of strain! Some strains are better yielders when grown/flowered shorter/sooner and then some are best large plants. Shishkaberry for example I can throw beans(or clones) out in july and still harvest around the same time(mid sept) w/VERY little work to bring in sucessfull harvest! less time for plants to be found,ripped,bugs ect..PEACE!!!
  6. The more time a plant spends outdoors growing = the bigger it will be = the bigger a plant is = the more yield

    Not rocket science... thanks for the input so far everyone
  7. Yeah I think your right on a lot of that because I planted a week into april last year (ct) and they were a bit stressed. I think I'm planting on 4/20 this year
  8. Dealingganja,
    you dont have to take my post to be offensive!? You did say you appreciate any and all feedback right? I even said no disrespect to any1 bro! the more plant spends outdoors the bigger it will be=the more yield yeah thats not rocket science but thats not always true either. Some strains max out at certain height and yield even outdoors and the earlier ya plant the more watering,chance of rippers,or being found be coppers.like I said you plant realm early and some strains grow to tall and yield less.Bigger root system the bigger the yield!And by the way dirty viperman is right on also! its all good!

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