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Ultimate munchies problem!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr Diddle, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Evening GC,

    I have just started getting into visiting the gym regularly as I am sick of carrying too much weight! (110KGs/240lb @ 6 foot 1)

    Traditionally after a smoke, I would endulge and enjoy in pretty much anything...
    Crisps, chocolate, nutella (fuucking addictive), fizzy drinks, junk food etc.

    However now, I am putting my all into this new fitness regime.

    I have found sugar free jelly very good, as well as microwaved popcorn (fresh, with no sugar/salt/butter). As a meal combo I have become fond of baked potatoes, cous cous, and low fat Philly cheese.

    i am running out of ideas, so what alternative low cal snacks/meals may you recommend, or what do you personally chow down on?

    Peace! :smoke:
  2. fruit is amazing. i like mangoes. and yes nutella is god.
  3. Apples and peanbutter! Nutella is actually not that bad for you. Like peanutbutter its high in fat but for the most part it is good unsaturated fat. It is also high in protein. The fruit will help your body recovery. I also recommend oatmeal. It is very filling. I hope you are doing a lot of cardio. Strength training doesn't really help you lose that much weight even doing high rep low weight. Good luck to you man! :)
  4. Oatmeal is a great idea... maybe try and get some sugar free jam to sweeten it.
    I am doing nothing but cardio.

    Today I have 2 hours and a half (split into two sessions) and in that time covered 15 miles on cycling machine, 6 or 7 miles on a crosstrainer, 20 minutes of brisk walking on a treadmill and a few other bits and bobs I can't remember.

    Out of the 2 and a half hours, i only did 10 minutes of weights.
  5. whole wheat bread, oatmeal, etc. lots of healthy grain based stuff helps fill you up and is good for you
  6. i think this would be a really good sticky thread. something along the lines of "how to do the munchies, the HEALTHY way"

  7. Sounds like you are off to a good start then! Keep at it as you see results it till become addictive to work out. :)
  8. Go to trader joes, whole foods, the local deli, or grocery store and buy healty meats to make sandwiches. Look on the labels and make sure everything is low in sodium. Packaged meats always carry a lot of sodium so do your best to find the reduced choices.

    Bread: Don't go for the big loafs or white bread. Bread like that is just empty carbs and is not the best choice for you. Try to find whole grain bread. I use miltons as the company of bread. A lot of choices too.

    Hit up the produce section of your market and buy whole cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, and do your best to cut out cheese, olives, pickels as those all contain a lot of sodium. Remember, you can put that on, but don't load up your sandwich with it.

    Another great lunch is tuna. Dice up onions, cucumbers, a slice of a pickle.

    Sounds like you gained all your weight from packaged and processed food. For dinner, you can eat what you'd think as an unhealty dinner like a carne asada burrito with beans and rice. But if you make it yourself and it's not all canned shit it will be healthier.

    I'm a health nut so i'm rambling and trying to also pay attention in class. Best of luck to you.

    Make sure to do 30 minutes on the elliptical 6 days a week since you're starting off. You don't want to go out running as you could risk injuries with your size.

    Also great snacks for a round the house are: rice cakes, yogurts, bananas, fruits, carrots, scrambled eggs, anything that is as natural as possible.
  9. vector cereal is really good, apples and other fresh fruit, yogurt is fucking awesome, crackers and cheese, trail mix.. all this is making me hungry.
  10. Smoothies = GOD!
    They taste fucking incredible, take about 3 minutes to prepare and make, super SUPER healthy, a portion of about 3 or 4 day can be devoured so quickly, easy easy life :p
  11. You do realise smoking and gym don't mix, it doesn't allow for the muscles to expand as thc is absorbed by fat.
  12. Oh and start drinking protein shakes. I'm not talking about the premade crappy ones. Buy the powder mix from your gym. It is rather pricey, but should last you a month on average. Muscle milk, Fit by Apex, etc are good choices. Make sure to have 2, if not 3 shakes daily.

    Have one for breakfest, after your workout, and if you're hungry in the early evening, make one up as they are filling.
  13. I am not a regular smoker. I have quit smoking 20 cigs a day, and now will only smoke one joint every two days or so (in the at around 7pm, to allow relaxation).

    Regarding muscle expansion as you mentioned, I am just trying to shed weight at the moment! Not fussed about toning muscle just yet (It's hidden under a layer of fat!!!)
  14. welcome to the forums sir.

    I started working out before smoking weed. Now, I work out in the morning and smoke once my day is finished. I am not an unusual human where only i can gain muscle whist still working.

    I'm not the size of a body builder, but I have substantial muscle. So yes, it can be done.
  15. Thankyou for those very helpful and insightful posts, DBX64.
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    If you enjoy cooking you can make stir fry. get some chicken breast, celery, onions, carrots, white rice pretty much anything you want, There is so many combinations you can make and there good. I'm from New Mexico so I love my Mexian food. So I put green chillie, pork, potatos and cheese all warped in a tortilla its orgasmic.
  17. That's usually the sort of thing I go for. Like some grilled chicken breast + BBQ marinade (George Foreman grills are amazing)
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    Just try to stay away from prossessed foods man. That's what will make you gain pounds. Try eating more proteins then fats for sure.
  19. I find that if I pound a glass or two of water before I munch I tend to not eat as much.. Try it out for yourself.
  20. Swap out the baked potato for a sweet potato. Sweet potato's are delicious and are healthy.

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