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Ultimate Micro Grow - The Hitchhikers Guide to Growing Pot

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by foolmelt, May 24, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow blades and welcome to the Ultimate Micro Grow: Project Hobo Kush.
    Each day I see tons of new stealth grows, PC boxes and wardrobes mostly. But, in this advanced age, why has no one tried to go portable? The whole reason I have a house is so I can grow my weed in it, but what if I could be constantly growing weed wherever I go? And thus Hobo Kush was born, an all inclusive self contained grow tent in a backpack.
    I know many of you think I'm crazy, and the risk of walking around with a living illegal entity in your backpack is daunting. I think your crazy for not thinking of this first, if you already smell like a hippy nobody will notice a little weed plant flowering on you back. Especially if you have a tiny carbon filter and ona gel built in.
    The backpack will be one of those big fuckers, think military or over prepared hiker. It will be lined with mylar and a pvc frame for stability, a 1g fabric pot will be at the bottom in a special plastic dish with drainage reservoir. The lighting will be handled by 2 15w LEDs and ventilated by small pc fans.
    Electricity will be gathered using a 15w and 2 5w solar panels with 50,000 mAh of batteries and an emergency wall charger.
    Seeds will be started under 12/12 so building up electricity at night will never be an issue.
    I think I could get this all put together for under $500 and then just start walking to the promised land, once I'm there I can find a nice place to put my little plant in the earth and let it do its thing. Anyone coming along?

  2. I'd like to see it be done, seems odd but if you think you could build it, go for it man.[​IMG]
  3. "if you already smell like a hippy nobody will notice a little weed plant flowering on you back", I really lost it here hahahaha [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. As with most micro grows I'm worried there wont be enough space in the back pack, so I've decided to upgrade to a 23ft trailer. I'll probably strip out either the bedroom or replace the table and couches on the slide out partition with 2 4x8 rooms. I want to leave the kitchen and bathroom intact if I can (so I can sleep there if need be). Still planning on going with solar panels, but instead of 25w I'll be aiming for 3500-5000w worth. All in all it should cost around $12,000 and eat up some time/space during construction, but once its done its just me, my weed, and the open road.
  5. you're one wild guy FMA!
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    I can't tell if this post was him joking, or the first post was and this is his real plan, or if he was trolling the whole time, or if none of it was a joke/trolling and both plans were serious. But either way I'm in for the ride if it happens.
    Btw once the new Tesla solar batteries are out, something like this might be possible if you can get enough panels

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