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  1. I started out by screwing some 2x4 Studs upright in my basement to make the foundation to my grow room. Then stapled black plastic sheeting from Home Depot up on the studs to get the walls of my grow room. I spray painted the plastic inside with white paint, and then put mylar sheeting to really give my room that special reflective glow. The specs are 6.5x6.5 and about 5.5 of grow room for the plants between the pots and light. In the back of the grow room i built a 2x6.5 room to place all my epuipment (Air pumps, ballast, Electrical, and other non-grow room items). I chose DWC bubbler system, as it is the easiest to maintain and to start for the novice grower. I have 9, 3 gal buckets set up with aquarium style air pumps for oxygen. 4 in net pots sit upon the covers, with Ready-Gro Plugs supported by Lava Rock. (I was thinking of installing submergable water pumps with tubes going directly into the net pots to give the roots some extra special attention, Give me some feedback on that). I have a 400 watt switchable ballast with both MH and HPS bulbs. 2 rotating fans in strategic places in the room, as well as CO2 Boost. I am using Tarantula and Pirahana Nutes. I purchased 20 Feminized "Purp" seeds. I just transplated the lil buggers from their paper towel germination home, to their new pots in the grow room, in only a day or 2, all of them have really taken off. A couple are a few inches tall, and about to sprout those first 2 Oval leafs. I'm Really EXCITED and optimistic to see how my grand daddy purp buds turn out.

    Give me some feedback on my set-up, and any suggestions would really be appreciated. THANKS ALL!!!

    Yours Truly,
    Lavander DRO
  2. Looks like somebody watched "How to grow green". lol Overall though looking like a very nice setup. I would deffinatly give the water pumps ago, and the only real recommendation I can give you is if you don't have separate rooms for flowering and vegging do that now. Also you're using the MH to veg and the HPS to flower correct?
  3. That's cool! I just started 20 purps myself. They're purple erkle's but I think I'm gonna call it grand daddy purp I like that better.. ehehe.. Sounds good man.. just don't forget to either save one or clone a bit off of them before you flower..
  4. Yes Im using MH for veg and HPS for flower.. I dont know if i want to do a continuous grow yet. plus humidity is a factor in my damp basement. Should I invest in an Air mover/exhaust even tho i have the Co2 boost going. I've had the dehumidifier going 24/7 to lower the level of humidity, right now i've got it at a consistant 40-45%, which could be a bit higher for the rooting process, but i want to keep my environment as consistant as possible. Thanks for the replies. If any problems or questions with your set up or suggestions to mine, would be totally welcome. Well Excuse me while i light this Dutch!

    Stay High,

    Lavander DRO
  5. Check Out My Grow Journal. Ill Update It mOre than this thread, and keep everyone updated on my grow.

    HyDrOpOnIc PaRaDiSe

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