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Ultimate Guide?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LuK2007, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Hey all im glad I found such a good forum about this topic :hello:

    I was just wondering by any chance if their is AN ULTIMATE GUIDE like for example something in PDF Form? Like with contents, glossary EVERYTHING for indoor growing?

    I have a read a lot of useful guides on here and being a n00b at all this some of the words and the descriptions are a little TOO VAGUE for me with not enough details

    Is their a "For Dummies" on this topic? If not an ultimate guide could someone point me in a similar direction? even too add me on msn to le me ask LOADS OF QUESTIONS and for you to answer so I could jot them down

    Im obviously willing to pay a fee ;)

    Thanks for any possible help
    (i hope i didnt break a forum rule in their?)
  2. shit, order a book if you have to. look up top of page
  3. I really like Buds for Less.

    I watched the Youtube series by Mr. Green

    Also Jorge Cervantes is great

    Basically youtube everything that interests you or google it just like anything else on the internet =)
  4. Seriously, you have read all of the stickies in these forums? And you have come away with them as being vague? I understand you are a beginner, but if the stickies here are vague to you, the MJ books out there will confuse the hell out of you. Spend some time re-reading the stickies here, and then post what you are vague about. There is so much info here, that I had 90% of my setup done before I had to ask my first question. The stickies were made by experienced growers who took a lot time to make them and they are chock full of awesome information for those that like to help themselves. You will get a lot more useful information from them more often than you will posting asking for every detail of how to grow. Take a couple days or weeks and read up again, and you will come away better for it.

    I just built 2 bubble buckets without having to ask a single question just by reading the bubble bucket sticky thread.
  5. I would have to Second MrMatrix on The Cannabis Grow Guide.

    I did find the PDF of this book on the web but the author has since put out a second edition.

    I read a little on the PDF and liked it so much that I went and got the book. I perfer books over PDF.

    I then put some self help book cover on it so it can sit on the shelf and no one is the wiser.

    Technically it is kind of self helpish.

    It is an easy read and an entertaining one.

    One thing that I have found to help me in all of my projects is to get a single book to always go back too. I think forums are awesome and full of info but some times you get contradictory information and if you have a single source for reference then you can always go back to it for clarification.

    My 2 cents.


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