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Ultimate guide to smoking in public

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by superman tokes, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Ultimate Guide to Smoking In Public

    Not yet fully complete! any contributions would be greatly appreciated :)

    Smoking in public can always be very risky, remember weed IS illegal and you can do time for it. Im not much of a seasoned toker but ive been smoking for long enough to have perfected doing it in public with no one knowing any better.

    First and foremost, if you are at a park, on the side of the street, in your car, ect. Anywhere in public you cant really just pull out a bong and start smoking it. Joints and blunts CAN be concealed a bit but people can still tell. The best way to smoke in public is by doing what i like to call the detective. Basically a cigarette without tobacco.
    Also remember that it must be a little bit windy where you plan to smoke because weed has a very distinct smell, also bring water drops for your eyes.

    Step 1: Buy a packet of cigarettes, doesnt really matter what type (i prefer dunhill)

    Step 2: Have a flat surface and put the desired amount of weed onto it.

    Step 3: Place a cigarette between your thumb and index finger with the filter side facing you and gently roll it back and forth so that the tobacco falls out. Continue untill all the tobacco is out of the cigarette.

    Step 4: If you want mix some of the tobacco with the weed (i think this helps it to burn slower and also less harsh then smoking pure weed for begginers)

    Step 5: Using the thumb and index finger pick up a pinch of weed (or weed mixed with tobacco) and gently place inside the empty cigarette.

    Step 6: You will need something thin like a pen or end of a small baintbrush to push the weed inside and make it more compact or you will basically be smoking paper and barely any weed.

    Step 7: Remove the filter and replace with roach (allowes much more THC to pass through rather then cigarette filter)

    Step 8: After packing the cigarette full of weed (making sure it is quite compact) go smoke and enjoy in public :hello:
    To anyone who sees you it will look just like your smoking a normal cigarette! Just make sure they cant smell it. this works wonders trust me i do this all the time.:smoke:
  2. In most cases you can take a pen and push the cotton filter out and replace it with a roach, it helps you get more THC but I'd there's tobacco in it, it may be harsher. :D
  3. adding about half the amount of your weed of tobacco to your mix will kill the smell more
  4. I tried doing this once, it was overall awesome, but I just couldn't stop being paranoid about it.. That's my fault I guess. :(
  5. You'd also need to be mindful about not taking huge drags from your cigarette and about people smelling the very familiar, and pungent, scent of weed.
  6. I made something like this but using rolling papers and it burns much better and easier, BUT with your method you must pull out the cotton filter and replace it with a crutch[made form card]. I got these papers that have an orange filter printed on one end(just like a cig) and then you can use a manual cigarette roller, whoch you can buy anywhere for 5 bucks. And just use the roller like normal but use bud. and of course no cotton filter, just a crutch that is as long as the printed filter on the paper so it stops there. looks EXACTLY like a cig and i even tried it in the busy city streets and no one suspected a thing
  7. I've tried this once and I didn't get shit with the filter in, totally wasted my shit. It's not too hard to remove, and deffo worth it. Tweezers will do.
  8. while in public take note of how long you hold your hits in..people don't usually hold in ciggs past 1.5 secs
  9. Ye i forgot to include you should really consider taking out the cigarette filter, you dont even need tweasers just having a bit of nail on your fingers is enough, or biting it and pulling it out. You can then replace it with a zigzag roach or just cardboard.

    As for how long u hold it in for i guess people could realise but no1 tends to give u a second look and think anything of it really.

    Thanks and keep the comments coming and ideas cuz i dont wanna get busted smoking in public lol and neither do you guys :):hello:
  10. or get a dugout with a little fake metal cig, although the guy with the rollin papes that look like cigs and usin a rollin machine, sounds perfect.
  11. Ive used the rolling paper that looks like cigarette it was also Zigzag. Its basically a cigarette thing with nothing inside so we had a rolling machine where u put the weed on a semi circular tube, place the empty cig on it then pull this lever backwards and it leaves all the weed inside. Awesum :)

    Also if people wanna add some stuff on what can happen if u get busted smoking in public? would you be arrested right away or what, and also ideas for where to smoke? Parks, empty roads or what? Its helpful cuz i cant smoke at home sometimes with friends because of parents and stuff.

    Thanks guys and keep ideas coming its good:wave:
  12. the nighttime is your friend. use it's cover.

    and don't ever think cops won't find you where you're at (unless you're up in a tree or in a cave behind a waterfall or something haha)

    there was an road we used to go back on all the time, everyday to smoke blunts, it led back into the woods, and you could only go with a jeep or suv of some sort. then one day we were headed back there, and what do we see but a big fat piggy wagon staring at us. dipped out, and haven't been back since...
  13. Okay, before this gets any further, I have a noobish question for someone who knows the facts (because I don't): I've heard the cigarette filter somehow fucks with the THC. Confirm or deny? I've done this before, and I definately got high, but I still want to know for peace of mind.

    Also, if you do this, and you wear glasses, I found the rubber part that goes behind/on top of your ear is perfect for packing it down when it's inside. And if the rubber part if removable, the metal (or whatever your glasses are made out of) underneath is even thinner if you need it. Good tip. But always, always remember to brush off your glasses so no weed is hanging on to it.

    'Round hurr, we call these "Secret Agents". "Yo fool, just Secret Agent that shit, let's go"
  14. Yea shoegrazer thats a great idea! I dont wear glasses but i just realised they would be damn handy :) and yeah some of my friends call them secret agents or detectives.

    Im not sure if having the normal cigarette filter changes anything but the majority of people say it does so i just take it out, i havnt got any scientific facts or anything to back that up though.
  15. It has to do with the size of the THC molecule. The THC molecule is quite large (C[SIZE=-1]21H[SIZE=-1]30[/SIZE]O[SIZE=-1]2 so 53 atoms large whereas nicotine is [/SIZE][/SIZE]C[SIZE=-1]10H[SIZE=-1]14[/SIZE]N[SIZE=-1]2, just 26 making THC about twice as large) and so finds it hard to pass through the filter. The elongation of the filter also has to do with this (the more shit it has to pass through the harder it is). If you were to cut the filter down to maybe a cm or two you'd be fine I'm sure however I still would not recommend it.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
  16. Why go to all that trouble? just get a dugout with a pipe that looks like a cigarette. It's kind of a no brainer. If you're good at keeping your shit on the down low, you should have no problem pulling off a public session with a dugout.
  17. usually i just bust out the 4 footer and say its tobacco :hello:

    lol nah not really. my only addition is that a dog is a great excuse to be walking around random places. being that creepy guy walking through the woods with a stinky cigarette is weird. smoking a cig and walking your dog is not weird.
  18. a number 2 pencil fits perfectly inside a cigarette to pack it thick with weed. eraser side.
  19. These are some great ideas guys, and are definitely useful...But I think your thinking waaaaay too hard about this. I've smoked bud out of an emptied cigarette a few times.
    But I think the simplest and therefore best method :D
    Bullet pointed below;)
    -roll short skinny, cigarette-ish joints. Most people will jsut assume its a rollup and carry on
    -so pack plenty of baccy in, I don't normally use cigs in my joints but in public i plenty in to kill the stench of your fine herbs.
    -Got a pet, dog, cat, favourite Bunny? go out there man, you look less suspicious. Rather than just aimlessly standing around smoking.
    -Keep walking around When I had my dog I used to walk her out in the woods or fields. I'd throw her ball for her and chill with a joint. Then jog back or something. You enjoy a nice peaceful joint, walk with your dog, exercise your dog, you get some exercise. Just bring some music to keep your groovin'.
    -Bring something to drink and some snacks.
    -You know all that jazz.

    BUt hey what do I know. I'm absolutely stoned out of my mind.:bongin::smoking::smoking::rolleyes::bongin::D:smoke::hippie::hippie::p
    (In that order)
  20. Personally, I say keep some cigarette tobacco in the cigarette. It helps mask the smell and a few hits of tobacco gives anyone who doesn't smoke cigarettes often a nice head high to add onto their marijuana high.

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