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ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HazedHead, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Great advice, but don’t look it up when you think your feeling better because I did this yesterday thinking I was almost back to normal and had a panic attack immediately after reading up on the effect of a THC overdose on the teenage brain... Don’t look it up you will become paranoid and obsessive over your thoughts and analyze every single movement in your perception well at the same time overthinking every random thought that enters your brain. My anexity/panic attacks shifted from the disconnected feeling to a fear of serious mental illness. I got in contact with a therapist. I’m definitly better then I have been everyday gets better.
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  2. Is it possible for me to just have that one symptom of DP/DP? The reason I question this is because some of the main symptoms of these disorders is lack of attachment to surroundings and other people. The ONLY thing I feel like I have is the altered 'dream' like state as well as my memory only being say 85%. So yea is it still possible that I am experiencing DP/DR with minimal symptoms?

    I will note that I do think it's better now than the first week of having whatever it is I have, and there are times where my mind seems really clear almost as if I was somewhat back to normal.
  3. None of us here are medical professionals so we can't answer that. I will say that when this happened to me before I just experienced detachment with some memory/cognitive problems. I didn't think much of it, and it only stayed around for a month or so. It was when I consumed marijuana again that set off my more severe episode with many more symptoms.
  4. The past few months have gotten better for me cognitively, I feel like my memory has gotten better and I can think clearer but I still feel detached, it’s not as strong as before which leads me to believe that this is similar to many disorders such as anxiety where it can be occasional to sever. This is just my experience and as NotFromAroundHere said we aren’t medical professionals so take what’s said here with a grain of salt.

    If you feel like it’s getting worse or it’s causing issues with your day to day life then talk to your doctor.
  5. Hey how’s everyone doing?
  6. Therapy/medication is definitely helping, but I'm still not myself.
  7. Hey man how are you doing right now? I'm going through the same thing. Week 4, Seeing a therapist in 6 days. Exercise helped with my anxiety and probably burning THC off fat if that's the cause of all this.
  8. how are
    you feeling now?
  9. how are you feeling now?
  10. I'm on day 31, and I've been checking this thread almost every day, trying to see if anyone updates on how they're doing and if they're 100% normal now. Similar like OP, I smoked marijuana for a number of times now, but the last one I overdid it and started vomiting before I passed out. I remember the first week being just constant haze, and being anxious about why I'm still feeling this way. I went to the doctor, and I was gonna go again next week for a follow-up. On day 12, or around week 2, I felt like I've gotten better, to the point I started smoking (tobacco) again and drank a bit of coffee. I told the doctor I felt better than last week. I spent most of week 2 just watching tv-shows, which helped my mind off of it. Mid week 3, I remembered feeling anxious again all the time and had anxiety attacks once almost everyday. I had this one day I had coffee and wine and it didn't do good for me.I decided to go to the doctor again the on week 4 and by then, I remember than the haze isn't as bad as the first 2 weeks. I feel like I have a lot more moments that I feel completely normal, and the haze moments will come back at random times, along with anxiety caused by the haze.

    Like what NotFromAroundHere said, I don't necessarily feel like I'm in a dream-state, but more like a haze-state. I also felt that my anxiety has shifted from the haze feeling to the worry of having an anxiety disorder, keeping me agitated all the time, I remember feeling pressure in the back of my neck, and sometimes in my heart, which I believe was caused by the severe anxiety. That happened on week 4. I feel like since today and yesterday, I've been handling my anxiety better each day. I keep a positive mind, keep saying to myself this will go away and you are getting better each week, has daily goals of not getting an anxiety attack (and haven't been for a week now!!) eat healthily, exercise, meditate sometimes. I was able to be productive again on my uni assignments since yesterday, which I'm grateful of since it's the final week and I gotta finish my projects.

    I got in contact with one dude who reached up with the OP by messaging him and they told me they're 100% normal now after 4 weeks. I'll certainly go back to this forum again every once in a while to check if there's any updates on the previous conversations on this thread. I particularly the replies from pages 6-8 very encouraging :)

    Looking forward for the updates from the guys @NotfromAroundHere, @Phyve, @Gatecra5her, @Donguru on how they're feeling.

    I wish anyone who's going through this right now to be strong, and have faith that it will go away.
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    Idk I’ve done some insaley heavy smoking and dabs etc and I’ve never felt high for that long. I’ve felt sort of high the next day but nothing more then that.

    I think a major problem is since it’s not legal in many states I think different strains and types can be a factor along with people lacing it with other crap

    I think overthinking could play a major factor

    Most of the replies I’m seeing are some very paranoid folks who are letting insecurities getting the best of them along with anxiety

    I’m strong believer certain strains induce different types of highs and feelings
  12. JointLivesMatter, why are you even replying in this forum if you aren't experiencing it and have nothing constructive to say? I have had actual medical doctors diagnose me, and have said this is not an uncommon reaction to marijuana (and btw, I live in a state where it is legal). So, maybe next time take your uninformed opinion elsewhere.

    I am almost entirely back to normal. My anxiety has severely diminished over the past two weeks. Idk if it is the therapy, Zoloft (the timing of me starting to feel better completely correlate with how long my doctor told me the Zoloft would take), or just me working through it, but I anticipate that I should be 100% within the next two or three weeks. I am currently at 14 1/2 weeks since this all started.
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    That's great news, thanks for updating. How about the haze, are you still feeling it? I felt for the first time yesterday normal as in no haze, although it sort of came back again during the night. The Zoloft is meant for your anxiety, right?

    My haze, when it comes, feels like things are slow, or like, being lightheaded, suddenly, like when I turn my head around or from sitting to standing, I used to see that things are weird, but not anymore. I'm rather curious if the hazy feeling is psychological or not
  14. I get the haze rarely now. There is still a light level of weirdness that actually worsens when I talk about it to my therapist almost like I’m getting dizzy and noticing my self talking from a 3rd person perspective. Most of what I’m going through has to do with me being paranoid subconsciously about going crazy which creates aneixty because obviously this feeling isn’t normal.

    My symptoms have been changing due to what my therapist thinks is OCD which I’ve always know I’ve had a bit of just from smaller things that didn’t matter. Now I’m obsessing over my thoughts. I’ve become more self aware which isn’t that bad. A lot of my ocd of thought happens when I look at objects or hear sounds, I’ll panic because I’ll repeat them in my brain almost like I’ll visualize them, like I’m hoarding sounds and images and storing them because I think they might be useful later. When it came to sounds it was mostly music id be constantly replaying in my head that I jsut heard or the phone rings and I’ve got the same damn noise in my head for a few minutes. Before knowing this I would have told you I’m going schizophrenic which was another aneixty inducing thought. I’ve conquered these obsessions by just noticing them and moving on until I forgot they were an issue.
    Ive been having episodes of vertigo that come along with the anxiety and sometimes it just manifests itself when I’m not doing anything but it passes. I’ll often get this edge of anexity they I can’t shake it leaves me dizzy and looking at things for no real reason. Overall most things are normal I don’t feel like I’m acting robotic as often anymore and things are starting to feel normal again.

    This whole exiestincal experience is really something you can’t fully put into words it’s often scary but once you keep going and just notice the feeling and acknowledge that you feel different it will fade.
  15. Hey guys, update. I’m doing pretty awesome. Just about good as new, I’m dealing with anxiety, which I believe is from this whole situation. I’ve had so many headaches but they’re a good thing from what I can personally tell. I usually get better after a headache. Don’t worry guys, it does get better, I can’t quite remember the symptoms and I honestly don’t want to. But I’ll list a few. Dream state, anxiety, thought I had some sort of mental illness, haze etc. I know it can be scary but trust me, you will come out okay. As for time frame, I can’t quite give you one because mine seems to be a bit longer than most. But I did consume a large amount. I recommend you excersise and get on a healthy diet. I found it very motivating and rewarding. And maybe try a religion if you haven’t, it helped too. So don’t worry guys! I wish all of you the quickest recovery!
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  16. Hey there. First of all, sorry for my bad English, hope you can help me.
    Soo my story is: i smoked weed for the first time this summer. After that first touch, i smoked like 13 or 14 shared blunts in 3 weeks. And i wasnt really affected by that amount, i only noticed my short term memory had gotten worse- i didnt know how to smoke properly, though.
    But one day like 1 month and a half ago, i smoked "Amnesya" from a bong and i had a really bad high. I was panicking, i felt everything was like a dream, and i couldnt wake up and see the reality as it is... it was horrible. It lasted for 2 hours.
    The next day i was ok, and i didnt think about it very much.
    The thing is, two weeks later i started school and i felt high again (ghost high). Since that day, i feel like time goes too fast and like i am really distracted. I know its only my mind, its imposible for cannabis to stay that long in my body. But i cant stop thinking about this! Sometimes i feel like everything is fine, and other times i question if reality was like this before smoking. Its sooo strange

    For me the best solution would be forgetting that bad high, but its quite difficult. What i do for getting better is keeping my mind active: playing videogames, talking w friends and stuff.
    So can you guys help me? If you experienced the same thing as me, tell me your experience too. Thx

    Ps: i have always been a bit absentminded, even before weed
  17. Hey team blue, don’t worry. I went through the same thing too. Especially with time seeming to go too fast. You will be okay. I recommend you maybe not smoke anymore. The best thing to do is distract yourself as well as possible. I know it can be hard but you will be okay.
  18. Hey guys. So I smoked indica from a bong two nights ago at 8pm with a friend. I took two hits and it was my third time smoking. I've always felt numb after I've smoked (a few hours maybe), but never for this long. As in, my hands abd arms feel partially numb and I have to focus to feel things. Is this the THC still in my body fat? Anxiety? I wouldn't say I feel too depersonalized. Please respond ):
  19. Hey guys. It's great to hear all the updates from the previous users posting, and here's my update. I felt like I was 99.9% if not 100% normal on the 6th week. It stayed like that for around a week or two until last week when I had a huge break up with my girlfriend. She's the closest person I've ever had and she plays a huge part of my life and losing her really messed me up. I was devastated and I couldn't stand the thought of her being with someone else and it messed me up so much. That night, I felt like the haze came back, and I've been feeling it again since. It's my 9th day, although I would say it's a lighter version of the previous one. Like I don't get moments where I suddenly feel like I'm off balance or hyper sensitive to sounds anymore, but I would still feel like a light pressure in my head and this brain fog/haze at certain times of the day. I think it's slowly getting better each day but there would be episodes where I feel it and that just gets me discouraged at times.

    It always feels nice that I'm not alone in this, and that I will eventually get better and feel normal again. Keeping a keeping a positive mind each day is important and eating healthily too. I hope everyone's doing okay and getting better and I will keep you guys updated :)
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  20. I wouldn't worry about it since it's been only 2 days. Just keep your mind off of it and I suggest don't smoke for a while.

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