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ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HazedHead, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? I’m doing pretty good. A few episodes here and there. Lately I’ve been doing really good but the episodes can be very intense. Excersise has helped a lot. I don’t really like letting my mind wonder. I try to keep busy. In contrast to previous weeks, I’m way better. I just sometimes get this intense feeling through out my body, like a nervousness as if something bad happened. Also some headaches, but not as many as before. I hope you guys are all doing okay!
  2. What is your anxiety about that is causing the panic attack?
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    Phyve your actually fine that’s just anexity that’s been with you probably from the bad trip, ive suffered GAD before and sadly it will last a few months but it goes away it only came back for me because of my bad trip. Also is the haze still with you? Because it left me awhile ago it only comes back during anxiety attacks and stays for an hour at most then I can think straight again.

    Edit: The more you think about your last panic attack or whatever you were freaking out over the longer the anexious feeling stays
  4. Yes, I still slip into hazes occasionally, although not as frequently. Episodes are shorter and less frequent. I also had visual distortions since day 1. They have improved significantly but are still here. Things would kind of seem very far and they’d look way different then before, sometimes the ceiling would look like water and id get dizzy. And sun sets looked really off. But now they look almost normal. Lately I’ve been studying for college and playing video games. That helps a lot. My doc gave me some benzodiazepines but from what I’ve heard, the withdrawal in those is a nightmare. So I’ve taken very few if any.
  5. Thats really interesting I haven’t had any visual hallucinations, but when the haze was its strongest and I felt like my world would never stop being dizzy i kept saying that cliche that it’s all in my head. That phrase helped me keep my sanity along with just siting down closing my eyes and breathing. Overthinking these symptoms is what caused my anxiety attacks.

    A few days ago I thought the phone where I work was ringing and when I ran to go pick it up it up I ralised it wasn’t actually ringing. I asked my co worker was it ringing and he said no your just crazy and laughed, I freaked the fuck out thinking that I was going insane then said to myself your overthinking it and rationalized a bit saying it could have happened to anyone and since then it hasn’t happened it’s been 3 days and I doubt it will ever again.

    I’m not doubting your expirence in anyway but I’m sharing what happened to me. You could be like me and your overthinking it but if you know your not then your not.
  6. Yeah, In the first like 8 weeks I had to double check certain sounds and words to make sure they actually happened. It scared me to have to double check everything. They subsided for me like in 3 weeks. Don’t worry dude. You won’t go insane
  7. How are you guys doing?
  8. I am doing better overall, I am in my 6th week (38th day since I smoked last). I think when I go into my haze it is a lot weaker than it used to be, but it is still incredibly frustrating that I am still experiencing this. Last week I resolved to stop looking up my symptoms because there is nothing online that is helpful, other than seeing people say it is temporary. I think I am going to cut down on coming to this forum too, because I am going to do my best to not think about this, and try to just exist. We shall see how successful I am at that. I wish everyone the best of luck, and if anyone emerges completely fine, please post about it for inspiration to others.
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  9. How is everyone doing?
  10. Nope, just minor things here and there. Almost though. Most of the efffects have sub sided
  11. After just acknowledging that my brain isn’t in it’s normal state and knowing that it will pass my anxiety levels have gone down tremendously. I feel like I’ve made more progress in the past 2 days using this strategy then in the past 2 months.
  12. My hazes have pretty much ended but I am still having difficulty concentrating and have a lot of anxiety. I am trying to work through it without medication, but the longer this goes on for the more I become discouraged.
  13. It’s just the depersonalization and derealization that you have right now, I still have it too. I’m going to stop posting for a while because my day goes by better when I don’t think about being a ghost of myself. Living your life and letting it pass is really the only way to overcome it and it won’t be instantious.

    If your still struggling and don’t understand what’s happening to you watch this video

  14. How is everyone doing?
  15. If weed affected me like this I would never consume it.
    I think some people should just not smoke weed.
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  16. I keep getting better but every day is a struggle.
  17. Hola,

    I haven't posted here before and normally wouldn't and instead just keep browsing till I find the answers, apparently there isn't one.

    I'm experiencing something induced by weed. I'm 20 and have smoked maybe 10 times before this incident. Basically I ate some edibles, pretty strong ones I believe and too many of them. I obviously had more than I could handle as I started to freak out. I was having a horrible trip, my body was having hot rushes and my body would not stop twitching (I'm unsure if I had a panic attack during this time or I was just that out of it). The next day I wake up and I feel off, like I was still in an altered state which I thought was possible as edibles last longer.

    It's now been 6 weeks since then and I still feel like I'm in this altered state. I have looked in to DP/DR and I'm not sure if that's what I have or something else, because as far as I'm concerned the only symptoms I believe I have is the idea of being in a haze or dream like state. I'll also note I will sometimes be laying in bed and my arm will just look wrong, not sure what it is about it, but yea it just doesn't look right?

    Really hoping I can get some answers from others that have been through this, thanks!

    Edit: I ate them with friends and they did not experience anything close to what I have got. I am 90% sure it was not laced with anything either.
  18. It sounds like DR/DP (here is the Mayo Clinic's, which is a reputable source, definition of DR/DP Depersonalization-derealization disorder - Symptoms and causes).

    If you aren't really questioning reality or your sanity than you are better off than a lot of people. I am in my 10th week and while I am doing much better, everyday is still a struggle for me.

    The past couple of weeks I have seen a therapist and a psychiatrist. Both believe that for me my marijuana trip triggered a panic disorder episode, which can also cause DR/DP. Essentially, for me, the marijuana caused some underlying anxiety to no longer be underlying. Panic attacks can cause physical manifestations of the panic attack, including tingling in the brain, tingling in extremities, shortness of breath, and hot rushes in your body.

    For me, my psychiatrist gave me a prescription of Zoloft. She has worked with around 10 other patients with this and she said that within 6 weeks of taking the Zoloft they start feeling better, but she had one patient who didn't take the medication and they took a year to fully recover.

    You can of course recover without taking medication, but from my research and what the medical professionals have told me, without any sort of medical intervention (including talk therapy) it will take longer.

    My recommendation for you: 1. If you have health insurance I would immediately talk to a therapist, 2. never take weed again (I wouldn't google this in your state of mind, but after you recover you should look into what weed can do to people your age), and 3. Stop googling, it won't help and it will only make your anxiety spike.
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