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ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HazedHead, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. I’m on day 59, I have been looking at this forum since April. I ate an edible and I’ve been in the same boat since. The O.P symptoms week by week are pretty accurate. I had the memory problems, feeling like hadn’t gone somewhere,(almost like teleporting), the dream like state, sometimes you Mis interpret sounds and get scared , can’t focus at all sometimes, feeling like you can’t think. This forum is somewhat active. Oh also the perceptual thing is true, everything seems off. That has gone away and I can see normally now, but still having trouble thinking. Also I’ve noticed I’m not that sensitive to my surroundings and sensations and emotions are a bit blunted. I went to the doctor and he said I overdosed, (400mg) edible and it was my second time. My friend ate the same thing and he’s fine. So it happens to some people. The anxiety also went away too! The 1st month is definitely the hardest, after that it’s way easier to manage and you slowly notice things getting better. I kept myself occupied by reading and playing online games and avoiding any drug. I’d say maybe another month and a half id be good to go. Sorry if this is all over the place, I just woke up and made an account to see if I can interact with someone with a similar time line or going through the harder parts. Oh and get a friend, a really close someone. They can make a worlds difference in helping. And excersise! And make sure you eat. (I’ll check this every couple of days )
  2. I’m on day 27 I feel really lucky to have found this post because like others said before me it describes everything that’s happening to you very accurately. I only made an account to reply to this post because I’ve been checking it every few days to read others thoughts on this phenomenon because finding someone else who is going through this experience or has it is very helpful. Its a fact that all of our issues are due to heavy THC levels in our body at one point in time, for me I tried a dab pen for the first time and took way too many hits I started to panic because I didn’t like the feeling and went unconscious, I overdosed. I haven’t felt 100% for some time now but every day gets better. I suspect within 2 more months I should be perfectly normal. Feeling like a dull blade all the time isn’t that fun and keeping yourself and your mind occupied at all times is the best option you have, I believe that the brain can un fuck itself in time, I should also add that a week into my expirence I had an overwhelming anexity attack after feeling senseless for so long, ironic right? I used to have anxiety disorder 4 years ago but it passed. I guess I just let it back in again.

    You will be fine just don’t do any drugs for a few months when you find yourself troubled just stimulate your brain either video games, movies if it’s not that bad, working out, talking to someone helps a lot,
  3. Definitely, I’m doing way better now, it’s been like 2.5 months almost and it’s way easier and symptoms are subsiding. It’s great
  4. That’s great to hear, I feel like this form has gone mostly inactive because it eventually does subside but lmk if you feel that’s it’s completely gone.
  5. I’m going through something similar right now. When I smoke I feel completely alright, maybe a little numb and happy at the same time but as soon as the high goes away everything feels so unreal, I start questioning reality and life seems completely meaningless. I’ve also had depression and anxiety for a very long time, even before I started smoking weed but it changed, not for the better or for the worse, it’s just different now.
  6. Ok first thing you need to do is STOP SMOKING I cannot stress this enough what you are feeling is a type of withdrawal, they last for weeks for me and most others here months.... everytime you light up you prolong your withdrawal but don’t panic, it feels permanent it’s not, your brain is trying to fix itself and that feeling of o fuck I don’t feel shit and is this gonna last forever? is because your brain is over stimulated, give your brain a rest it needs to heal. Once you start having dreams that’s the first major step back into reality you can’t really speed this up so it’s gonna be a marathon of shit panic, anexity and possible depression you won’t really know when you reach the end, it kind of just happens from what I’ve been told. When you are panicking, look up this type of meditation called mindfulness it helps your paranoia and anxiety induced attacks due to this feeling, meditation sounds silly I know but it works. I’m trying to fight this without medication I’ve told my doctor and received some but I’m trying to do this on my own. And it’s working,

    Stop smoking it makes it worse.
    Your brain has become dependent on this drug it can happen with every drug.
    Your brain can heal itself, it will take weeks-months.
    The depression and anxiety thrive in this state of mind don’t let it get to you just know that this isn’t forever and everyday is better than the day before.

    It’s a vicious cycle of needing a drug to be happy and in reality, only you can change it. Hang in there
  7. In my experience weed tends to shake up the waters of unconscious material and let repressed ideas, feelings and emotions float to the surface. It sounds like there is some shit to be dealt with in many of these stories.

    I suffer from anxiety and PTSD and this all sounds very familiar to me. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy either.

    Best of luck to you all.

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  8. I am like OP where I smoked/ate edibles about 10 times, and then one time I over did it. It caused me to have a break from reality and then for literally a month afterwards I had a terrible hazy feeling that at first was constant, but eventually would come and go. I didn't smoke for 4 months, but then I smoked again on June 29 and I once again had a break from reality (although it wasn't as bad as the first time). The lingering symptoms are much worse than they were before and before finding this post I was freaking the fuck out. I finally felt completely normal for the first time yesterday, but then the symptoms came crashing back. I am hoping it doesn't stick around much longer.
  9. That sounds terrible. If you could, please describe your break from reality from this last time you smoked.
  10. This has happened to me twice now. The first time was in March of 2018 (the day after St. Patrick's Day to be exact). I tripped the fuck out after eating too many edibles and it felt like I was slipping through time, and I started to question my reality. It was a torturous 5 hours or so that felt like it lasted 10 days. Afterwards, I struggled mentally for about a month. I felt like I didn't have full access to my brain, and would have severe anxiety coupled with depression. If I drank alcohol it would feel like I was high again, and I would start to freak out. On day 25 I went out with a friend and drank, and for the first time felt okay. I felt 100 percent a few days later.

    I decided the tripping and the prolonged symptoms were due to my edible use, and so about a month ago (late June) I bought a vape pen and some oils. However, with my purchase, the dispensary gave me a joint. A week or so later, on June 29, I took about 10 hits off the joint and started to trip again in the same way. However, it wasn't as bad of an experience as I knew it would pass as it happened to me once before. However, since then I have been in a heavy haze. It has been an absolutely terrible experience that seemingly is only now passing.

    When it started I became confused very easily, couldn't remember both recent events, as well as knowledge that I have had for quite some time, and I had problems searching for words. Essentially, it seemed like I was a dementia sufferer at age 30. There would also be times where I would feel like I was trapped in my own head with "ghost highs." This happened to me pretty much daily for about 3 weeks or so. The worst day of this whole ordeal was 2 weeks after I smoked. I went into a Target with my wife, and I used the restroom. When I got out of the restroom I couldn't find her and started to freak out like she never existed. I have steadily improved since then.

    The past 5 days or so I can feel myself coming back, and like OP said, the majority of my time I now feel normal and only occasionally feel myself slipping back into a haze, but it passes fairly quickly. The main issue I am dealing with right now is the anxiety associated with my fear of slipping back into a haze (and I am typing this out in hopes that it helps with that anxiety).

    As other people have said, it will pass, it is just incredibly difficult to deal with in the moment. A lot of people will tell you it is not related to the consumption of marijuana, but those people are morons. I have never had episodes like this before, and both times it has occurred with me, it has been immediately following a bad trip. One thing that I have learned from researching marijuana related issues (you really shouldn't do this unless you want to work yourself up into a frenzy) is that there aren't that many scientific studies that deal with the physical/mental impact marijuana has on the general population, due to its illicit nature. Just know that everyone's body/brain's chemistry is different and is impacted by stimulus differently. Don't beat yourself up if this happened to you. However, if this happened to you once, just know that weed probably isn't for you. Don't be like me and come up with excuses as to why it wasn't the weed and test fate by doing it again, it just isn't worth it.

    As a disclaimer:
    If anyone wants to respond to me with negativity, they can get bent, I am not interested in justifying myself or what is happening to me to anyone who hasn't experienced it. If you are going through it and would like to talk about it, I am willing to talk, however, as soon as this resolves completely, I am likely going to do a final post about how I am better so future sufferers can know it isn't permanent, and then never thinking about this ever again because this has been one of the worst experiences of my life.
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  11. Glad to hear that you understand what’s causing you to feel this way. Obviously weed isn’t for you or anyone that has this feeling. The only people who will respond negatively haven’t had this experience and think that weed only has positives. As for me I’m at a stage right now where I can still feel the haze in the back of my mind but at the same time being able to think a lot clearer than I could a week ago. I still get those moments of saying wait how did I get here or what was I just thinking about, but not as much as before. One major drawback I’ve been having from reality is not being able to have a strong emotional attachment to almost anything. This has been the hardest to shake so far. I think it could be because of the constant anexity I faced for weeks combined with the “bad trip” my brain is mentally exhausted.
  12. The first time this happened to me the lack of emotional response is what scared me the most but that slowly subsided over time. One thing that helped me with this, and helped me measure my emotional response is by rewatching The Office (in fact, I am doing this again for the purposes of quelling my anxiety). Any comedy would likely due, but I would recommend avoiding any comedy that deals with dark stuff that might trigger your anxiety (like BoJack Horseman).

    I will say, your comment about dreaming gave me a bit of an emotional life line. I felt like I wasn't improving at all, and then I read your comment and realized that I wasn't dreaming at night. I started to dream a couple of days later and I have made steady improvements since then.

    The anxiety is what is killing me. I got a prescription to Zoloft from my doctor last week, but I have thus far not taken it. Meditation has helped me a lot, but I feel the anxiety build to unbearable levels when I get tired, so I have been going to bed super early.
  13. Is it a chemical reaction from the cannabis causing this, or trauma from the bad trip?
  14. Some people on here have indicated they have had these experiences without a bad trip, and to me it feels like it is likely a chemical reaction. However, I don't think that really matters too much, because either way the experience can cause a serious depressive episode which can result in people self-harming, or have real-world consequences (such as losing a job).
  15. Derealization is, medically speaking, a well known effect of cannabis. Not just during use, because it can cause some individuals to experience for months after the last time they used weed.

    I get it sometimes, where it seems to stay for days or weeks.
  16. Is there anything you can do to get out of it?
  17. #117 Gatecra5her, Jul 30, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2018
    I don't think there is anything really out there you can do to "get out of it" I've just been drinking lots of water trying to detox my body and knowing that given enough time it will pass. Im almost 100% sure this is a chemical reaction in the brain causing either derealization or psychosis but at the same time im not sure because im coming back to reality alot quicker then most cases of actual diagnosed psychosis. I've been noticing lately that im saying to myself why did I do that or what was I thinking, I haven't been tired aswell which is also good I guess. Many people said they fade in and out of reality and that it slowly comes back but for me I feel like Its just slowly coming back and im not fading in and out of it.

    Just dont think about it drink lots of water and the effects weaken over time.
  18. You are a little farther ahead in recovery than me, how are you feeling, percentage wise?
  19. Id say 80% because im defiantly in a better state then I was weeks ago but I still get dizzy if im absent minded and the anxiety is still present when I try to read up on whats happening to me.
  20. To your earlier comment, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as fading in and out of reality, but I have certainly experienced fading in and out of haziness. Last week or so, there were points for multiple hours during various days where I felt completely normal and clear headed, but it didn't last, and then last Friday I went into a haze that felt similar to, but not as powerful as, the bad trip that started this all, which caused me to essentially have a non-stop panic attack for three days. This week I feel like I am better week over week overall, but the anxiety can be killer.

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