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ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HazedHead, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hello guys! I'm new here and the only reason i joined (for now) is to spread my story and research on this topic as this experience i would not wish on my worst enemy. I would have killed for the information i am about to offer when i was in this situation. So without further ado, i will begin:
    So my guess is you are here because you smoked weed. Okay, that's fine. But you are here because the next day after you still have this weird feeling, as if your still high. Good news, that's FINE. Only one or two days after is normal and should go away very quickly. BUT if it unlikely continues to 3 or 4 days, now is when this guide will come in handy.
    First i'll start off by sharing my story of how this happened: So it was July 2013 and i had smoked several times before this, probably around 10ish times. I would smoke about once a week. I decided to make an edible (i had never had one before). Ate it, nothing happened, so i smoked and WOW that was a fun high! That went away within the next day but 4 days later i made another one and ate that and didnt smoke. I fell asleep mid high and woke up in a haze as i normally do the next day (it usually went away for me by the end of the next day). 3 days later i was swimming and just started thinking and i couldn't seem to comprehend that i had parents. Yeah, it was scary. It just seemed like a fake memory and all. This was really odd and didn't like it. I just started googling my symptoms (again, bad idea) and people just said it'll go away. So eventually after about 5 days it started to fade. So i smoked again and it got worse. Then after about a week and a half it started to fade again, i smoked again and then it came back. Waited two weeks, it fades, i smoke again and it comes back. Now this is important, I NEVER LET IT GO COMPLETELY AWAY. I always smoked when it ALMOST went away. Anyway, back to the story. So by now this "ghost high" is getting longer and longer. So school starts and i buy a new bong and decided to try it out (never used one before) with my friends. WOW i got high! But i felt really off the next day. I hoped it would go away. That night i had work, going in to work i felt really weird, like i was different from everyone else. But by the end of the night i felt COMPLETELY fine; however on the way back i started to fade back into the the haze. 2 days later i went to the lake and it seemed like it went away, but came back and it was back. Below, i will recap week by week my experience, but that is the story of how i got there.
    Okay FIRST you want to stay calm, everything will be fine. You are not going crazy and you will NOT be like this forever. DO NOT i repeat DO NOT keep googling this! This is a very very bad idea as many people whom have never been in this situation offer negative advice and other things and you want to stay away from that. Once you find this guide, don't ever go researching about this again.
    Okay so, here is my experience after the situation.
    Week 1 - Felt like i was in a dream, everything seemed different. Went to my beloved childhood lake house and it didn't feel the same. I would go somewhere, come back, and the memory would be hazy. Very bad week. But again, whenever i was at work, it went away an hour in. Also, during this time i had VERY VERY vivid dreams.
    Week 2 - Worst week. This ghost high was getting more and more scary and it kept getting longer and longer. The 12th day was a very bad day. I went and got sno-cones with my girlfriend and when i came back it felt like i hadn't gone. Very scary. I would wake up every day not believing this is really happening.
    Week 3 - Things are getting better, just a bit. I found coffee which made me feel better. Caffeine really helped. Things are starting to make sense again but still feeling weird.
    Week 4 - The beginning was by far the worst. I was having a conversation about life with my friends, like why are we here and such, and i had a very very bad anxiety attack. I felt like i was completely different from everyone else and everything was fake. This is when i found God again. I went to church that sunday and was feeling much much better knowing there was a meaning to all of this.The rest of the week was better.
    Week 5 - I had a pretty good week again, my birthday is at the end of this week and was anxious towards this which kept my mind off of it. That friday i had alcohol for the first time since this experience. Made me feel better momentarily.
    Week 6 - Started with my bday. I had fun, still definitely feeling different but still, keeps getting better. By the end of this week i could actually literally see the old world trying to come back into my vision. Like it is too hard to explain, but i would look somewhere and it would look like i did months ago before all of this. Very good
    Week 7 - This is where i am now, and i can say, i am 90% back and it keeps getting better. It feels so good to be able to remember what i was doing and be way more aware of my surroundings.
    I would like to point out an important experience you will experience in this process. For me, in the beginning i would notice i would be in the haze and every so often i would see clearly for a few seconds and then fall back into it. HOWEVER, eventually it flip flops, you start to see clearly all the time and fall into pockets every so often into the haze.
    So as you can see, it was a pretty bad month. Below is a list of do-nots that i have found helpful:
    1. Do not smoke (thats an obvious)
    2. Do not think about it. Try to keep your mind off of it as much as possible.
    3. Do not search google for answers
    I found this guide to quitting marijuana that helped me TREMENDOUSLY, i will highlight the important parts for this particular guide. ( cited:
    So they describe what is happening to you as follows (and it is SPOT on):
    "Experimenting with cannabis, you are frequently acutely intoxicated and experience this state in 
    relation to a normal non-intoxicated state of consciousness. The aftereffects are a passive, 
    unreflecting, and blunt state of consciousness, lasting a day or two. If you smoke again within a 
    period of six weeks or less, these aftereffects last longer. You have gradually adjusted to this 
    altered state of awareness and it will be your new normal state of consciousness. After a period of 
    regular use you then experience the acute state of intoxication in relation to the effect of the 
    chronic influence (being passive and blunt). 
    After a critical period of chronic use, the acute state of intoxication is then perceived as one which 
    creates a feeling of being capable and normal. This state lasts for two to three hours and is reported 
    as weaker than day-to-day capacity in the non-intoxicated state. The effects vary with the doses 
    used over time. Acutely intoxicated you will experience a feeling of capacity and a sense of being 
    normal and thereby enabled to perform different tasks. 
    In the beginning you smoke to get stoned, but after a while (individually) you have to smoke to be 
    normal and to get a nice feeling."
    And this is why it is important to abstain completely:
    "When you stop using cannabis it will take at least six weeks before most of the cannabis has left 
    your system (sometimes up to ten weeks). It is important to abstain totally, because if you smoke 
    one joint every day, you will never get a total elimination. In that case it will be more difficult to 
    deal with your emerging feelings on an intellectual basis. "
    Attached to this post is a chart that they used to correlate the negative feelings you will experience and the THC is your system.
    Now this is very important to understand, THC is fat soluble, therefor it stays in your system waaaay longer than water soluble drugs like alcohol. Plus it is not as bad for your body therefor your body does not work to get this out as fast. I will cover this in final theories at the bottom.
    Next i will tell you my experience with the following things while under this haze:
    Alcohol - would feel perfectly fine. My memory would feel fine and normal as it always has been. The morning after (if i had a good amount) i would feel absolutely wonderful, like it had disappeared. But eventually it would come back and it would feel as powerful as ever and gently start to get better.
    Nicotine - same deal as alcohol, except i wouldnt feel good the next day
    Multivitamins - It seems to help but it could be a placebo effect. Either way i would take these as your body needs the nutrients.
    Caffeine - This helped alot. Increased my concentration on the world around me rather than in my mind.
    Odd things that actually helped me:
    1. Sunglasses. Especially blu-blockers. I dont know why, but whenever i wore them i felt fine. And when i took them off i felt fine for about 2 minutes.
    2. Looking straight up into the sky with only the sky in my vision for several seconds. When i looked around i felt normal after. Strange!
    Okay. So i covered everything thing i could think of right now. Now it is time to try to answer the question: "Why did this happen to me?" Well, there are several theories of mine, i will list them below. Please keep in mind that many will say that some of these dont make any sense...well this situation i and you were in doesn't make any sense and shouldn't of happened.
    Theory 1: As the guide had said, the more you get accustomed to smoking weed, the more you will get used to this state of mind and it will become your new normal. This beings to confuse your mind into what is the real reality and it will take some time, average 2 to 3 months.
    Theory 2: The THC is still active in your body. From what i have read from other people's experience whom this happens to they say that about a week after they pass a drug test, it goes away and they feel like a new person. I am not sure why this only would happen to some people. Maybe some how the THC turned sour or something, i dont know for sure
    Theory 3: You are over thinking it. Yes i know, when you're in this spot, this is the last thing you want to here. I feel like this isn't true but it does make some good points. You are trying to compare the past to the present, and we all know that doesn't work. Our childhood always seemed like the best time ever but while we were living in our childhood it didn't seem that good. This is because our memory sometimes tends to create a separate reality and tries to remember things better than they were.
    Theory 4: Change in environment. When i smoked from the bong, i went from not having to do anything in the summer to starting school, a job, and a girlfriend. This could make me overthink things and make me thinks things have changed when they really haven't and just my environment has 
    Theory 5: This is iffy. So i was thinking maybe the reason it happens to some people is that sometimes your mind gets stuck, like a sort of limbo between used to THC and not. The reason i think this is because this would explain why this only happens to some people. Some people remain high through this adjustment therefor it passes. But if they are not high and the adjustment started happening while you were coming down from the high, you might get stuck there and not be able to adjust or come back until weeks of reality.
    I firmly believe that theory 2 is the truest. I believe this because several times throughout the past month i have randomly started to feel high. This has become less and less prevalent as time passes and i start to see the world as it used to. The THC is soon to be completely out of my system for the first time in months and i believe i will be fully back to normal by then. After 3 and a half months i will smoke again and see if it happens again. If not, great! If so, i will detox with detox pills to get the THC out of my system and if i feel normal quickly i will know this theory is correct.
    HOWEVER, theory 3 is good because as i stated before, whenever i worked (work as a busy busser at a restaurant) i was so busy i was unable to think about it for hours. At the end of my shift i was like "was i really feeling out of it before? I feel great and completely normal!" but it would soon set back in as i started to thinking about it.
    Oh and i forgot to mention, 9/10 what you are experiencing is not depersonification or derealization. Many people are quick to cry this, but usually it isn't true. People who get this typically get this because of a extremely tragic event like the untimly death of their son or such. The reason people compare this experience from weed is because they have common symptoms, but they are not the same at all.
    SO you are not going crazy! These things happen, but it is not proven why. The important things to remember are keep your mind off of it and it will go away! Just everytime these thoughts arise, just say calmly to yourself "it's just the weed, it will go away". Just be positive and you'll be fine! I realize these things are scary, but trust me, your fine. And stay off google! Don't google your symptoms! And please, dont scroll down. It may contain comments from people who had never went through this experience before saying it won't go away and you want to remain as positive as possible. Trust someone who went through this, it will go away! Just trust your mind and find something to keep your mind off of it :)
    If anyone has any questions or comments or corrections or experiences they would like to share about this, please leave them below. If i feel they are of positive value i will include them in this guide.
    Thank you for this time. It feels really, really good to be able to spread this info, and if i help just one person, i will have succeeded. It took me about 2 hours straight to type this and i just really want to pass this information on to all those who experience it because i really wish i had all of this when i first started experiencing it, it would have saved me alot of anxiety.
    Thanks, best of luck. I dont mind if you post this in other forums, but i would appreciate some credit, thanks!! 
    PS: I would just like to mention, i love marijuana, it is the amazing plant God gave us. It is one of the greatest things on this world. Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to make people quit, just abstain until your mind is back to normal. IF you want to smoke after this, more power to you! I know i will, and i hope it doesnt come back  :smoke:
    EDIT: So i found out that the reason this happened was because i was using creatine, if you would like to read up on that i made a separate thread for it -


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  2. I didn't read your entire post yet because it's really late. I know the sorta "buzzed" feeling you can have the next day or so but that usually ends within a few hours of waking up & it's only if I smoked late the day before. But having that feeling for weeks? What are you smoking?
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  3. Sounds like youre over contemplating this..

    I wish i could still be high for longer than a few hours, let alone weeks... shit
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  4. You feel high weeks after smoking?

    Pass me some of what you have
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  5. I'll it's not feeling high, but when I really think about it I do act a little different than I normally would a few days after I smoke. Idk about weeks but I definitely notice the day after from any amount and from a big smoke sesh I can feel the after effects 2-3 days after.
  6. It used to be that I would smoke a j nd get high for about 2-3 hourd nd hv an "after glo" (nice, mellow buzzed feeling) for about another 4-5 hours but definitely not more than that.

    I want to know the strain u smoked coz being 'high' for weeks jus sounds crazy to me
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  7. Is there a tl;dr version, OP?
  8. Lmfao !

    I didn't understand this post at all I wish I would stay high for more than a couple hours. For reals wat is you smokeong
  9. Hypothesis not theory. Lets at least reform the experiment to be understandable before you publish it.
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  10. you sure your not mixing up weed with another medical problem?? sounds like you got a lot of anxiety or something..... but then agian i only read the top half LOL..anyways goodluck
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  11. Lolol I'm with some of these guys about not reading the whole post!

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  12. It was mango kush most recently, but this has happened with a variety of strains
  13. It's more of a mental thing I think, maybe not. I'm not sure why it would happen now but not before. It could be because before that I recently started thinking of weed as a "transport" to another world so maybe my brain got convinced it was true idk
  14. I noticed when I first started at an older age that it would last in my system for a day or two, but it would just be a light haze and memory issues, since my memory has always been really good. But I think because it's fat soluble, if you have more fat cells and it gets stored, it may flush your system with it a little bit as you burn that fat in other activities. So it could be randomly present. I would imagine people who are thinnest or with a higher metabolism burn it faster. Once your brain is used to functioning with it at certain levels it's not as noticeable, imo. You definitely sound like there are other issues at play here though, with the anxiety etc...
  15. I have read through your entire post twice and I'm afraid I don't agree that Cannabis is causing your "symptoms". First off your mixing alcohol CANNOT remove the effects of THC nor does return someone to a normal frame of mind. Secondly yes it altered the state of mind but only for a short time. Even though THC is stored In fat cells and can take weeks to become entirely metabolized it does will not continually get someone high otherwise people would just smoke once or twice a month. Personally this thread sounds very fishy to me (anti Cannabis propaganda) but if you are experiencing what you have written it is most likely caused by a pre-existing condition that you may not be aware of, either that or your just very very very paranoid. Perhaps you did experience what you said, every bodies body is different, but next time please be more I formed and offer us some scientific evidence to support your claims. If I were dealing with a similar scenario (I too have my own issues) this thread wouldn't have been helpful at all. A more detailed analysis of the situation with research to back up your theories would have been much more helpful (especially since your advice on how to alleviate the symptoms are "don't google it or read other breads on the subject). I apologize if I'm being rude but this is my opinion.
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  16. First 2 weeks i smoked, I smoked my first time a got smashed, 5 days later i smoked again and continuing 5 days after that I was having pretty severe "aftershocks" where I would become high randomly for 10 seconds at a time. It happened about 10 times the following 5 days after smoking it went away after a few weeks
  17. #18 -Martyr, Oct 2, 2013
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    Sounds like a placebo effect that rooted itself a little too deeply due to some of your own personal baggage. But I'm not a psychologist.
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  18. Are you talking about the cool haze you slip into sometimes? Everyone slips into it once in a while, it's called spacing out. Seems when I smoke it happens a bit more often but never longer than a few seconds. Do you have problems focusing?

    This thread really belongs in mind over matter or something.
    Ah.. anyway, I'm guessing you're like 19 or 20 or something. I think this sort of thing is just part of growing up, I recall feeling really out of it sometimes when I was that age. It's definitely not you being high. Too deep within your own head to have any grasp on reality. Best way I can explain it is it's as if you don't have a good understanding of what your body is telling you.
    For example, you are in a depressive state of mind (you don't have to be bi polar to go through ups and downs) at this lake house, so you don't enjoy yourself. But at that age you don't see yourself the way you would from the 3rd person, and maybe you're not that familiar with what's going on internally. You need some sort of explanation so you create this whole hypochondriac dream world.
    My advice; don't think about it and just live in the moment, especially if you're feeling out of it, before long you'll forget the whole thing.

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