Ultimate growroom features?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by brybry12345, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. What kind of features would you incorporate into your room if you had unlimited funds, time and know-how?  Transforming grow cabs?  100% auomated? Ultimate stealth?  We want to know how you would shape the future of growing weed!

  2. As an automation technician, I would build a fully automated, closed CO2, aeroponics system. I'd try to make it as automated as possible, including the drying and curing process and even figure out a way to have it grind the bud and roll it into joints. Even better, have it drop the trim into another compartment to convert it to hash/budder/oil/etc (if you choose the budder option then we could put some sorta easy-bake [haha! I think I just thought of the name for this!] oven and have it make ur edibles too). I'd tie the system into some kind of front end that'd be hooked up to the Internet so I could get real time data and alarms if anything failed sent to my phone. You could even have it automatically order nutes/seeds when supplies ran low. The front end would include trending of all the data points so I could keep accurate grow journals.
    I was mainly thinking of this as a stealth cab, but it's turned into some sort of crazy weed factory now. Sky's the limit though, right?

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