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  1. So I ran through a proposition where we were trying to figure out how to grow as safely and profitable as possible. This is the concept I came up with and it seems ideal! I didn't include too many stats on what exact modules I would include for growing the plants but you can use your imagination and preferences.....

    The concept is an underground bomb-shelter being created for the purpose of growing... As you could imagine having a secrete basement would be fucking sweet, so I just based this situation off of that. I believe that the price cap on this would be whatever you want but I based it about a 1,000,000 investment.

    And NO I did not draw ANY influence from that piece of shit movie "pineapple express"!!!! The idea of an underground grow area has been around far longer then that movie.

    Bunker growhouse stats:

    Lighting options:


    Using fiber optic lights one could harvest
    natural sunlight from the surface and run
    the cables down (adjacent to the shaft)
    down to the whole grow room. During
    daylight the whole lighting system is SUNLIGHT
    which is the best light spectrum for growing
    and completely FREE!!!



    Alternatively you could use LED growing lights in tandem with the fiber optic for a completely
    solid lighting set up. There wouldn't be any real drawbacks (once they develop multiwavelength
    LEDs), but a ton of advantages. For example, LEDs use little energy, don't get hot, and have a
    lifetime of 50,000+ hours!!! That means that you don't have a large energy consumption, even when
    dealing with LARGE crops, and do that without giving a thermal footprint.


    (Note: this is hypothetical; for, in reality
    LED lights are not yet at the capability for
    efficiently growing good yields and aren't
    worth the cost. However we'll assume that
    LED technology has advanced a little.)

    With current technology you could still run HIDs instead of LED and supplement your energy
    consumption with as much solar as you possibly could! In fact, I would use solar shingles on the house
    above and let that generate enough electricity for the entire setup!!!


    Solar options:


    If you harvested sunlight all day and used the bulk of your energy consumption around the sun you would
    have an energy bill of 0 and absolutely nothing to indicate anything suspicious..

    Wind options:


    Using wind energy allows access to electricity after the sun goes down and it is realistic to mount the windmill
    somewhere in the back yard. This option could provide far more energy then the bunker might require depending
    on the location and how much wind you receive there.

    Using both these options together is the ultimate because then you are completely self sufficient as far as energy is concerned!!


    Basically you could have it so that the house above and the bunker are housing for people so that you can trade off the "workload" every so often.

    A.) Suburbia
    How to do it: Look at new housing development areas and after the lots have been assigned and contract someone to come and build a "bomb shelter" at a distance underground as to not interfere with the installation of any waterlines or electric lines. The shelter would be as big as financially feasible and plotted so the entrance tunnel will be in the back yard according to the predetermined lots. As the shelter is being built you can include the fiber optic option claiming that in nuclear fallout you will need SUNLIGHT if you can't get outside, and wiring the bunker with any amenities of home is not only entirely normal but it is expected so that you could make sure it is optimal for sustaining plant and human life. The result is the house being built on top of the bunker and the purchase of that house before it goes on market and nobody knowing the better.

    Advantages: You would be "hiding in plain sight" which is pretty cool. You would also be located within an area where you can get out and get whatever you may need? Connecting the bunker and house up to someone elses wifi via a satellite dish modification insures that you will always be plugged in; in theory, you could just run an ethernet cable through the shaft down to the bunker from the dish and, from underground, be guaranteed access to any unsecured (or secure if you just wanna crack the WEP) network within a several mile radius! Basically, you could constantly run your phone (VoIP) and internet.... you're entire communication through someone elses network! The digital security is pretty solid and undetectable so you could torrent and game away constantly without drawing any suspicion with your network searches or anything that could lead back to you!

    Disadvantages: The house is still surrounded by other houses so I guess the major disadvantage is privacy? I'm not a big fan of suburbia so I would list just being in some neighborhood as a disadvantage.

    B.) Mountain/Rural area:

    How to do it: Buy some land and have a contractor build the bunker below ground just enough. Hire another contractor to build a house of your choosing on the land wherever you want. You can even have the contractors keeping the whole thing up to "off the grid" specifications in mind. The result would be your house with a bunker underneath and if you were smart you would find a way to keep the contracting "private" so nothing would be on record confirming the existence of the bunker.

    Advantages: The location can be however far from society and the city as you want (but there are always going to be things you need with a grow room).
    You could have enough land to grow many different crops during season. Being so far from touch insures that no law enforcement is going to mess with
    you. Also, the privacy is unbeatable, if you were to live in the house/bunker with several close individuals there would be little reason for any suspicion as
    to what you are doing.

    Disadvantages: There may be some serious complications when trying to get internet for your house/bunker, which I would consider extremely important. Because
    you're in a rural setting the only major issue is that if you would getting an account with an ISP and having that address on file could be a security risk. Connecting to
    someone elses network isn't really an option here. May end up to be more expensive depending on where you were to have it all

    Personally, I would wire up the bunker with all kinds
    of gaming tech and entertainment modules, so that
    you could live down there for awhile (still going outside
    of course)and just tend to the plants whenever needed.


    When designing the bunker you can think along the lines of a ranch-style dwelling designed to have rooms and enough space for the grow
    area. You can use your imagination and think of how you would do it, but I would just hook it up with some HDTVs in separate rooms from the
    main grow room, with PC/(every console)entertainment system. Personally, if I were dealing with an operation like this I would trip the rooms
    out and have couches and lovesacs with wall scrolls as to create a more 'homely' underground setting but keeping in mind that the most space
    should be dedicated to the plants! To make the space habitable you have to add a refrigerator and kitchen amenities for food preparation along with a bathroom
    and plumbing.

    You could use whatever grow method you prefer but I would use an automated hydroponic system and idiot-proof lighting so that the basic plant needs would manage with minimal effort. All you would have to concern yourself with is the detailed elements of care taking the plants. Using dirt would require movement of soil in and out of the room
    and could become a pain. Using hydroponic systems ensures that the plants water supply is next to effortless in addition to being known to grow at an accelerated rate.

    The fact that the bunker would be designed and installed as a "bomb shelter" it should be wired for everything you need to live so using this area to live and grow would be ideal since there is need for constant monitering.

    I figure the whole bunker, equipment, and house combo could be done for under a million dollars. I'm not too sure on all the specifications for growing that many plants
    but I figure if you did this then your "job" would be to grow and you could use your free time to be creative and do whatever you like. Therefore, an investment of a cool mil into a project like this could pay for itself within 3 years and then you would be basically be growing money.

    I would estimate that you could grow a shitton of dank with a setup like this..... I'm not sure what the lb/month overall yeild would be.... but I can say that it would be enough to pay for itself pretty quick.

    What do you think? Anything I didn't think of or should have not thought of lol? :weed:
  2. Yeah i wonder how well those Natural light tubes would have as a lumen output? Brings up some interesting ideas. :smoking:
  3. You're freakin nuts dude. I love it!
  4. im WAY to lazy to read all that but from the lil that i read and the pictures (where i got most of my info from) LOL, ur crazy and maybe a genious. you should look up on youtube the video "someones ultimate grow room" its a underground bomb shelter... its pretty nuts.
  5. ALSO: you would have to do this somewhere where the water table would not be a factor, along the equater in places like Florida, in the US the ater table is around 8 or 9 feet i believe. (hence the reason they dont have basements. now if you go to jersey, or new york u can almost hit china before you hit water. so you will have to take that into consideration.. and what would the city say when ur trying to pull permits for this "bomb shelter"? lol
  6. Who told you about my growroom?!?
  7. I like the idea of the lighting from the tubes. It would almost be beneficial to use them for an indoor operation, along with a sort of damper that you can use to block light from coming in, and to block light from escaping when you are using hids for extended veg time. I think there should still be more lumens (if proper angle to the sun is obtained) than a 1000watt HID, but they are essentially magnifying glasses, and that may hurt plants. Coin toss anyone?

    If a person were going to use a bunker, it would look pretty suspicious having those little hemispheres sticking out of the ground, and fuck mowing around all of those.

    I did however think that a large greenhouse growing veggies under supplimental HID, over the top of a bunker also using hid and growing cannabis would be ideal. No heat signature, no fears of buying tons of hps lamps or any grow supplies for that matter. Would cost way less than a Million Dollars to set up and you ARE legitimate (at least topside) and your power, water, nutrient, soil, and co2 consumption is justifiable.
    I believe that this is the ultimate, optimal, growing situation.

    Either way. Good post my man. Like technology alot, and like to stay on top of it. Thank you.
  8. I believe that with the proper application of design into your backyard and concealment it wouldn't be very obvious. For example, I wouldn't have grass at all in my back yard! Rocks are a much better and I would have a zen-garden covering a hidden entrance. I would use some covert tactics and spend some time in the design and incorporating this whole thing! You would want to blend right in and as long as you're not throwing any parties then there would be no reason for suspicion. I really don't see how you could be caught with something like this! When dealing with a set-up like this you would take all precautions and just go covert! Please let me know if there could be any security flaws...

    This appears as if it could be put on your roof (probably need several) and wouldn't look suspicious next to solar panel roof?;)

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    Haha, I live on quite a few acres of land (20+) and have been thinking about burying a storage container for a grow and you just gave me the perfect way to hide it... awesome. +rep

    EDIT: Also, yes those tubes would act as magnifying glasses, possibly burning your babies... think August sun magnified into a little room....
  10. I say that a helicopter flying over will wonder what the shine is. I think an underground bunker needs to have a real cover. For instance, a basement below your basement, or a tunnel out of the sidewall of the basement hidden by secret drywall, or a bunker under a greenhouse that uses supplimental lighting to grow veggies.

    I think I kind of see what you are syaing about having the units on the roof of the house, and running FO cable to the grow, right? This may work, providing that the FO units will let the sunlight work in favor of you. Id try a small scale test first before jumping in a buying a shit ton of gear. Maybe one unit and utilize a small room in the home, and if it dont work, use it for your home, no money lost there.

    Thank you Herb, glad you could find help in that stoned thought. It is a rather good idea. Would love to be back in the country and do something like that.
  11. My man t(o.0t) had a great idea recommending you to that youtube video of the underground grow room. Thats the first thing I thought of when I started reading about your plan. I LOVE BIG thinkers. I say we all start a co-op and take over the world...yikes, I got a little too excited there. Awesome idea though Yawgmoth, I'm in for $50.00 Sorry times are tough:(
  12. While the idea is awesome, the price is not. Only drug lords could afford this set up or something similar and they probably do! So make a milli in coke and your golden!
  13. I know of a guy who buried a old trailer home and grew in it for years. Eventually he got caught selling but still I thought it was an ingenious idea.

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