Ultimate grow room idea (if you got the space)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by captain jack, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Been thinking on this one for a while and I cannot find anything wrong with it.

    If you want the ultimate grow room and got a budget of $500-1000 then here's the best idea I've had.

    Go to a surplus restaurant supply store OR scour auctions. They always have walk-in coolers for CHEAP (I've seen an 8x12 go for as low as $200).

    They have compressors and ventilation already installed and if they fail you can easily remove the cooling unit and install a vent system w/ duct work.

    These things are designed to be air tight and well ventilated.

    They ain't the most stealth thing in the world but if you have the space and a way to transport and install it it's something to think about.

    Oh one more thing, to keep temps under 80 would cost very little (maybe $50/mo, the ones that I've ran have been kept at 36-40 deg and cost around $120/mo) and be simple (if the compressor still works)

    The other cool thing would be if you got a combo unit. Walk-in cooler & freezer. Then you'd have a sweet veg and flower chamber.

    One other neat thing about it. With just the compressor running it would look like an air conditioning unit to a ghetto chopper.

    Anyways I'm rambling on, here's a pic for those of you that have never worked in a restaurant.

    What ya think of this idea?

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  2. Interesting idea. I'd be interested in talking with someone that's tried a similar setup....Anyone out there?
  3. I like the idea, but wouldn't buying something like that for personal use raise suspicion with the authorities? I mean, how many people have a walk-in freezer for their home?
  4. You'd be surprised how many rural people and farmers have them. They usually leave them outside year round.

    If purchased at an auction it wouldn't raise any suspicions and same thing if bought used at a restaurant supply company.

  5. eh, yah but still.....a spike in the electricity bill.... along with a giant steel box out behind the house radiating all kinds of heat and noise...

    Good for rural farmers maybe, but a little to conspicuous for my little corner of the world.
  6. In a city, only way I'd put it up was inside a garden shed or in a basement.
  7. How would you even move that thing??? Let alone get it in your basement. Take a bedroom and by a A\C, probably alot less pain in the butt!!!
  8. The walls are constructed from styrofoam and light metal. One person can move one section of wall. They all interlock and can be assembled by one person, except for the panel w/ the compressor. That requires either 1) 3 relatively strong people to lift it up and one to lock it into place 2) One person, some makeshift scaffolding and cinderblocks as well as two bottle jacks.

    How do I know this? I've put together and pulled apart over a dozen of them.

    And depending on the model you can take the compressor off and put it back on once the panel is in place (you can do it with all but some are easier than others).
  9. Well if it's that easy, do it then!!! how much do they cost???
  10. If I had a place to put it I would of already. BUT just found out a friend of mine's mom lives in a back woods area and she has one on her property that is just sitting there.

    SO once I find a place to put it it's a done deal.

    These things can go for as little as $100 at an auction, $500+ at a used restaurant supply company and $2500+ brand new.
  11. i think i might look into this:). execelent idea Capt. J;)

    P.S. another good idea is to use a vending cart (one with the inside, to walk around in). it has all the ventilation, sinks, drains, refrigerator, sink, tons of power outlets. the big overhang that opens up can be bolted down to improve security. plus, if you live in a rural area, you can open up the overhang/door thingy to let tons of fresh air in and have a "open" room to harvest from. plus, if your a dealer, you can tow it behind the car and "deal" like a retail store. they should have those in amsterdam. instead of ice cream trucks, you have ganja trucks. "i'd like a white widow, master kush swirl, please"D:

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