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  1. Every time i watch the movie "Up" with my kids i want to get a ukulele. they seem easier to learn than a guitar and seeing as i ve never played anything beyond a kazoo, i saw this on Guitar Centers website...
    its all there. its like 40 bucks. i think im gonna get it this weekend. ive always liked the sound of the ukelele. reminds me of being worry free and being free in general, very upbeat instrument. you cant play a sad song on the ukulele! any other Blades get down with a ukulele?

  2. I fucking dig the uke!!
    I truly believe that there is no happier instrument on the planet. It's impossible to hear one and not smile. I own a Kala, spent about $100 on it, but I've gone through a few of those cheaper ones like the one you're looking at. I usually bring them camping or on a trek and end up destroying or leaving them behind for someone else. They're alright, but the sound quality is definitely noticeable between the $30 and $100 instruments.
    What size is that one? My Kala is a concert (second smallest), but if that's a soprano (smallest), I'd get something funky and fun and pineapple shaped.

  3. yup. a standard soprano. people gave bad reviews on the difficulty of tuning, quickly going out of tune, etc. i would probably blame the nylon(plastic) strings for stretching more than other strings. but i dont expect Fender quality at all.
  4. I'd name that as the one big annoyance of buying a cheap ukulele. It's fun to play, easy to handle, and the sound is relatively okay... but they never stay in tune. If you're going to get one and can't tune by ear, make sure you keep a tuner on you at all times.
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    indeed. i would probably get a little digital tuner till i could get it by ear.
    i suppose my biggest reason for wanting one is for my kids, it could only enrich their lives having a musical instrument in the house. no one in my family plays any instruments. my grandfather could play an accordion really well, but he isnt around anymore.
    a long time ago my younger sister got a walmart electric guitar and a friend gave her an amp and she tried to learn how to play but she never stuck with it.
    so its up to me to rectify the family music. And ye, the Elders foretold of the Mighty Ukulele and its melodic tone to reunite the families and bring peace to the Kingdom once and for all!
  6. I bought a uke not too long ago! I got a classical one which I regret, but I do really enjoy the sound of them :)
  7. ♪ My ♪ dog ♪ has ♪ fleas . :D
    thank you (bows)
  8. found a great resource for knowledge and help with the ukulele.... 
    it was the first website that came up whenever i googled something with ukulele. im ecited to get this thing! saturday after work!
  9. Bitches go cray cray for a boy who plays ukelaylay
  10. It's becoming popular again, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to take lessons either privately, in a group class or (last resort) through Skype.  
  11. ok. so yesterday evening i went up to my local Guitar Center and tried on a couple ukuleles. then i saw a used Mitchell MU70. $50 bucks the strings are already stretched from the previous owner. its a concert size(second smallest). i'll be going back this afternoon to get some more quality time with it. im really excited about this! i may not know how to play it yet, but just making it make noise makes me smile! 
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    so i got a used Mitchell MU70. it a really pretty piece. mother of pearl inlays around the edges and around the sound hole. shiny polished look. nice. still working on my holding, getting the feel for it. i just hold it and strum it and get nice and comfortable. i need to learn and practice notes on the fretboard. i really want to learn how to play some real music!

  13. You can definatly play a sad song on the uke if you want

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