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Uk weed prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by rob11, May 23, 2011.

  1. Well I live in London where it's £20 an 'eighth' of good skunk but it's never the full 3.5gs :(
    Thinking of buying an oz next month after exams gna bring a scale so I don't get bumped even though my dealers safe but I was wonderin wat kinda discount id get for buyin a oz the most Iv ever bought is a quater

    What kinda prices you gettin round the Uk??
  2. for a genuine ounce on the isle of wight your probably looking at £180-£200. down here when you say an 1/8th, that just means £20's worth, most ive ever have in an "1/8th" was like 3.2g's i think, and i was VERY happy with that :) Im doing exams to btw :) only 4 to go and then im doneee :D
  3. Yeah it suck you never get the prop amount
    Btw 8x20=160 :S I was gna ring him and ask for an oz and b like "Kl so that's 28gs Yh" then he can't admit he's rippin me off
  4. Seriously no one else from Uk here??
  5. Let us know how it goes, because after exams thats my plan too. Seems the dealers adjust the quantity of weed relative to the quality, instead of the price. Which is good cause you know you're only gunna spend 20 quid at a time.

    In fact, i'm picking up tomorrow so will ask the dude then.
  6. yeah, and i currently live in London so i know what your talking about. an 8th is always underweight down here but it sells all day long, probably as the city is more populated/demanding. although i used to live about 60/80 miles north of here, i wont say where as i still travel there alot to pick up, and its always on weight.

    if i get a quarter there its 7g on the dot, exactly what it should it, and if i get an 8th its 3grams, still happy with that, especially after moving back to london lol. last time i went up there to pickup i timed how long 3 eighths lasts me, then i timed how long half ounce lasts me while picking up in london, and the 3 8ths lasts longer lol and im spending the other 8th in petrol/traveling to get it, but as it lasts longer i dont really mind, and im not putting the money in £10 a gram dealers pockets ;)
  7. Yeah, it's annoying. Amounts in the UK are never correct. For example, I can buy a 10's here (which is about two dime bags) which is normally 1.7 grams. But, when I was talking to my mate, who deals small time, he had a '10s' which was 0.7 grams.

  8. but you never get a real 1/8th, thats why i said for a FULL once, the whole 28.5g's. if you paid £160 id probably end up with like 24-25g's
  9. £180 an ounce of grade. Rare you will find an oz for 160 these days.
  10. Bournemouth:

    an '1/8th' is usually 1.8-2g here if its good stuff, or 2.5 if its not and costs 20.
    we dont get a discount for buying a 'q' here, usually just comes in 2 20's.

    Usually a half is the cost of half an ounce + £20 and an ounce of the best costs £240, then £200 for decent stuff and £160 for crappy homegrown.
  11. these guys take the piss :devious: around my college there are loads of these guys that hang around a bridge, and i just feel sorry for anyone who actually buys their "1" gram for £10. I have a scale and i weighed out a 1g sack for my friend when he came round and it measured at 0.6g.... for £10. FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Thats why it needs to be legalised and taxed. David Cameron sucks.
  12. tenner a g for the good and 20 a hen for the pond weed......havent bought any in at least 4 years.
  13. You guys are lucky, I pay £20.00 for 1.5grams up north, and believe you me the quality is shit, theres rarely an occasion when I say to my self, "damn that was worth 20 notes", I am usally saying, "20 f**king notes for that load of shit, it tastes like f**king dried nettles, i'v wasted my f**king money again!"

    Oh and i'v never tried to smoke dried nettles btw!!

    Here here Dubway, legalise the weed, tax it, let people grow it and sell it to coffee shops etc. Pay income tax on the money you make from selling, i'm happy, governments happy, everybodies happy!!!

    Check this out, some really good info on here about how much the government could make, as it's going to happen anyway, they might aswell SAVE money and MAKE money by legalising it!!

    CLEAR: Cannabis Law Reform

    Just my 2 pence worth!!
  14. Thank fuck I'm not the only one wat you think of my plan tho?
  15. a gram of dank weed runs me £15 due to family connections but for most i guess if you want really great weed you're paying about £20-25 a gram for it. Mids are usually in the £15 range here. I suppose i'm lucky. North East scotland.
  16. You should always get a discount if buying in bulk, goes without saying, but some people would prefer to make more coin, so there fore they only sell in those small quantities, sure you can buy an oz, but if they only deal in 20 bags, 25 bags etc. then its gonna be how ever many 20 bags make up an oz, this can end up costing you upwards of 300 notes. Ask the dude if he sells in bulk, if he does and its decent stuff then i'd expect to pay anywhere from 200 up to 260, but again thats just my area, you can get it for cheaper.

    But always better to buy big if you got the coin to do so! :smoke:
  17. Oh and by the way, I haven't had/bought any for a good 5/6 months now, so those prices are back then, probably gone up by now!! lol
  18. Crikey, you and the other chap from oop north have it bad, it's nice to get good weed and id be willing to pay £15/g but all but about 2 of my guys will do 2g's for £20 and you always know the strain and often where its grown too.
  19. Maan, just grow it. £20 for 1 gram ? i would not pay that if i was a millionaire. So when you have a decent night in with your mates, and go for a nice 1g joint/bowl or something, what do you do ?
  20. Ye your telling me :(

    I used to sell years ago before getting caught and banged up and I used to knock an oz out for 120/140, quality stuff, knew the growers, always grown properly, etc. Now a days it all about quantity not quality!

    Hence my views on legalising it!! :hello:

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