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Uk Weed (Prices/quality)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Floral, May 24, 2013.

  1. UK Weed
    I live in Reading, in the UK. And i realise the price and quality isnt brilliant over here. In Reading i can get usually 2-3 grams max in an eighth, and around 1.2 grams in a 10 bag for average - poor quality weed. 
    Just wanna know what you other UK guys are getting? Is it all like this or just my area? 

  2. London: £20 = 1.5g (for me DAANNKK, for others not so dank).
  3. A 20 bag here is 1.8 of dank (varying quality) or 5.4 grams for £50
    I'm in Sunderland btw.
  4. I can only find mids - £10 = 1.2g, £20 = 2.5g And very occasionally I can get some pretty strong stuff at £35 for an eigth
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    I get a gram for a tenner, usually bang on 1.0g, sometimes a bit over, guy says there's no point taking the piss with such a small transaction. For £25 I get no less than 3.0g of dank, sometimes £30 but for that I get a proper 3.5g eighth.
    And then it goes up from that, A Q for £50, sometimes up to £55/£60 is there's a shortage. Never bought a larger amount but he says an ounce is a set £200 no matter what and a half is between £100 and £110.
    If I was getting 2.0g for £20, I'd find somewhere else. 
    From Birmingham.
  6. £10 a gram for some loud and dank amnesia haze
  7. From Salford/Manchester you get 1.0-1.4=£10, 2.0-2.5=£20 and 3.5(8th)=£30 and it is absolute power also my guy can get 3.5 of medical from America for £60-£65, £40 for regulars and it mongs you the F out amsterdam super-silver haize does not compare

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