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  1. Curious;

    I went to school primarily in Denmark, where there's 9 years of English classes and 7 years of German or French classes. Regular-ass schooldays, 8-4, 3 English classes a week, 2-3 German classes a week. That's a lot of hours that could be filled with other stuff

    US/UK/Eng places, do you have foreign language classes, since you don't need to spend those hours learning English? How many years do you have it? What choices do you get in languages, since you're both a little isolated from places with a lot of language diversity, and your language dominates in international communities?

    What other classes do you have to fill those hours we have to grind languages?
  2. We take English class from the moment we enter school here in the US, otherwise how else would someone learn how to properly use even their own native language? As far as foreign languages we are usually offered Spanish, French, German and sometimes Latin and Italian. In terms of having to take a language we were required so many credits of foreign languages and you'd only be able to chose one right when you start middle school (6th grade) all the way until your senior year of high school. At some point it becomes an elective and not mandatory if you've got enough credits.

    Our other time is spent learning History/Sciences/Math and other elective classes like Arts/Engineering/Cooking/Business etc.
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  3. In the district I went to English was taught for an hour or so everyday until Jr high then it became its own class, foreign languages have always been electives and currently the school offers Spanish French German and Italian.

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