UK: Time drags for stoned rats

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by D9_THC, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. Thursday 12 Jun 2003
    Cannabis makes rats lose track of time, robbing them of the ability to
    discriminate between short and long periods.
    This may help explain why human users may be less adept at tasks that
    require sustained concentration.

    "Any task that requires prolonged attention could be affected," says
    Jonathon Crystal of the University of Georgia at Athens, who led the study.
    Somebody driving after smoking marijuana, for example, could be capable of
    executing the required manoeuvres, but could be prone to disastrous lapses
    in concentration, he warns.

    Cannabis is known to affect time perception in humans. "A minute can seem
    like an hour," says Roger Pertwee, who studies the drug's effects at the
    University of Aberdeen.

    Crystal's team trained rats to distinguish between two-second and
    eight-second bursts of sound. The rats had levers for "short" and "long",
    and received food for pressing the right one.

    The researchers then played bursts of intermediate length, to find the
    "midpoint" which rats were equally likely to interpret as short or long.

    Rats given a synthetic cannabinoid - an active component of marijuana -
    flunked the test. Mistakes included interpreting a pulse as short even if
    it was longer than the midpoint.

    The team, whose study appears in Behavioural Brain Research, attributes the
    inaccuracy to a general lack of concentration rather than an inability to
    judge time at all, because the average midpoint did not change. "You have
    to focus your attention or you lose track of time," Crystal explains.

  2. its silly poo indeed... but i dont see any harm in getting rats stoned to play electronic games.

    i bet the researchers were stoned themselves ;)
  3. Who really gives a shit n e ways, cannabis like n e other substances, it has negative and positive results so whatever them studies have showed isn't really no big surprise to me although i think they have decided to make things look alot worse then it actually is, i mean who hear has got stoned and sat down for one minute and a hour had passed, hardly n e one i bet, maybe some newbies but that is it.
  4. i've felt as if time is going really slowly or really fast but never to the point where a minute feels like an hour! lol

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