UK: Teenagers On Cannabis Before Cigarettes, Study Shows

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weedboss, May 12, 2003.

  1. SCOTTISH teenagers are hooked on cannabis well before they have even lit their first cigarette, new research has revealed.

    Until now, it was thought that it was cigarette smoking which led youngsters to try harder drugs. However, new research shows cannabis use is increasing, with nearly a third of Scottish teenagers having smoked a joint in the last year.

    Over the last 12 months, academics at Edinburgh University have been studying Scottish teenagers' habits and views on smoking.

    Amanda Amos, leader of the research, yesterday said the new trend was unexpected.

    "Many of the youngsters we spoke to, especially boys who are regular cannabis smokers, said they never intended to start smoking, and had done so almost accidentally," she said. "The cannabis youth culture is very social, and it is easy for them to just slip into smoking. While one rolls a joint, the others have a cigarette."

    Dr Amos will present her findings at an anti-smoking conference in Edinburgh today.

    Ms Amos said Edinburgh University carried out two studies into the smoking patterns of two groups of teenagers ranging from 15-16 and 16-19 in Edinburgh and Lothian.

    "In our first group we looked at 16 to 19-year-olds where we found the majority to be smoking cannabis daily. A significant number of this group strayed into smoking cigarettes almost without intending to do so.

    "Our next study showed many kids, especially the boys, had started to smoke cannabis to reinforce their daily cigarette intake. Most of them did feel as if they were becoming more and more addicted to both.

    "In the main, teenagers are ambivalent about quitting cigarette smoking, whereas none of them intend to give up smoking cannabis. By and large, they saw giving up as something which they would do in the future."
  2. i didn't start smoking until after i started tokin.

    i say it's because of putting tobacco in my spliffs. even before i started smoking i used it to cut my weed.

  3. ya
  4. cool, i defy that by only EVER smokin cannabis, none of that tobacco shit for me
  5. yeah, well some of here suck. so we decide to smoke some marlboro... *sigh*

    it's blissful, yet at the same time... highly corrosive to my lungs.... oh well.
  6. i know, i have been smoking for a long time but i only started feeling shit in my lungs a few months after i started to smoke cig's..*COUGH* **COUGHHH** **wheeze**
  7. Yuck! Cigarettes suck! I know I smoked them fairly regularly for a short time. I picked it up almost accidentally, quite a while after I'd started tokin'. I quit when I realized that I was actually addicted. An increase in my toking helped lower my cravings for the cigarettes.

    I made a pact with myself that I'd only smoke cigs when I was high, which meant I had to styf them off my friends since they'd get stale otherwise. After 2 and a half months of not buying a pack, I still occasionally take a hit or two off a friend's cig... then I stick my tounge out in disgust and give it back to them. Sorta' reminds me why I quit them and reaffirms it for me. :)

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