UK stoners? report in! ;D

Discussion in 'General' started by pask, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. sup dudes?

    this thread is mainly just to get a feel for what kinda people browse here..
    post your age, sex, and city or county if you are paranoid as a result of smoking too much herb ;D


  2. Hey man

    20/Male/Manchester here, whats happeninnnnnn:smoking:
  3. sup bro : P!
  4. old/male/uk

    dude you do realise that you can barely read your posts because of the font colour you've chosen??

  5. Yeah hard to read hurts my eyes ..but they are red anyway xD
    18/male/germany :) ...and iam post here because i have many Friends from uk :) i will be in london in a month for 4 day any advise were i have to go if i wana see something new if been there about 7 -9 times by now :)
  6. is this better for you bro? ;D

    i dislike plain black font..

  7. xD sry i dont want to blame anyone but it looks .. mhmm a bit gay not my type of colour..
    What kind of weed u are smoking seems to be a pretty strong one ..:D
  8. Whats everyones view on weed being reclassified, it sucks I got caught by the police the day it got upgraded to class B
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    20/m/aus/stoner ;)

    edit: oh lol I just realised this is "UK" stoners. oops.
  10. lol - well, you're UK really so we'll let you in - kinda like the GC Commonwealth :p
  11. greetings from the colonies
  12. Oz rules:)

    SW UK here.

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    I'm back in UK at the mo and am originally English.
  14. back in the uk matt?

    hook me up !:smoking:
  15. Reporting
  16. 18,m,nottingham
  17. am i the only person that finds this a little sketchy?

  18. lol, i love paranoid stoners, so good to laugh at.

    : D
  19. yer iam from liverpool boiz and no why wud it be sketchy lol

  20. awesome man, weve got people from all over the uk in here

    i bet theres more

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