UK Rudeboys & Chavs! They SUCK! SUUUUUUUUUUCK!

Discussion in 'General' started by Zeke335, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. I thought I\'d put this post up to explan rude boy behaivour so people don\'t get into trouble with people like this.

    I\'m sick and tired of rude boys on the street. For those of you who don\'t know what that is, they are normally black but can be white (chav) thuggish people with no morals at all.
    All they do is go around the streets couasing trouble (stealing/fighting) as if they have nothing better to do. They can be very scary especally when there in grouops
    They do things like go round in gangs intimerdating people or mugging people and act as if there doing nothing wrong.

    Here are some of my incidents with rude boys-

    I just had an incedent where I had just picked up and eights of crow and all of a suddden an old friend of mine (the only rude boy I used to talk to) came up to and forced me to give him the weed. I refused! But when I refused he took out a metal chain and started hitting me with it! THE ASSHOLE! I still wouldn\'t give him my weed. The only reason I gave him the weed in the end because he threated me saying he\'ll tell my dad I\'m smoking weed. I didn\'t want my dad to find out so I just gave him the weed.

    Another example is a boy who has a street tag \'menace\' He\'s always trying to con me out of money. he\'ll lie through his teeth to try and get money for me. The one time I trusted him to get weed for me but he just took the money and turned his phone off. Next time I saw him he acted like we\'ere all cool. but I really don\'t like him at all

    Another things I hate about rudeboys is they seem to think they own everything. once I picked up an eights from a dealer with rudeboy friends. When I got the weed his friends came up to me and said \'Put weed here for me\'. There were 5 of them and one of me so I just handed it over. I was too scared to say no because they were in a big group.

    Another incident was when I was walking down the street and 3 muslin black boys came up to me and asked me if I was muslim. I said no and they started getting aggressive and tried to mug me, I wasn\'t having it. So the 3 of them started to beat me senseless ( allot of blood). They\'re cowards in groups they feel big but I ran into one of them by himself he looked at me as if he was about to attack but just ended up saying \'I don\'t know you\' The BLOODY cowards. I\'m not even that strong and he was still scared to take me on alone.

    I\'ve had trouble with chavs before a crack addict who became very clinging if you want me to explan that one just reply and I\'ll tell you

    I would like to say to anyone who thinks being a rudeboy is cool that you are pardon my Frence a FUCKING IDIOT!!

    and to all the cool GC members I would like to say be safe and be on the look out. But it can be hard to spot these types of people it\'s not really how they look but how they act. e.g. fighting, stealing, swearing or littering with no regard for anyone else
    I would like to hear other Grasscity members take on rudeboys or whatever you call these kind of thugs were your from
  2. if someone is hitting you with a chain, and it\'s not knocking you out...they\'re pussies.

    here\'s a hint, learn how to fight.

    grab the chain, whip it around your arm a couple times and rip it from his hands and then start whipping his ass like he was your bitch.

    If people are dirty enough to gang up on you then be dirty enough to go for the balls.

    If they wanna talk their boombastikk rudeboy shite, talk it right back, don\'t show weakness.

    go to the fucker that still owes you money and tell him I WANT THE WEED OR THE MONEY NOW. bring a chain. if he wants to act hard, whip it out and whip his ass. fight fire with fire, show them motherfuckers who is crazy and who is hard.
  3. sounds like some real thugs
  4. Haha. He wins, +rep.
  5. I\'m not really a good fighter. Also I\'m losing muscle mass as a side effect of what medication I\'m on. But if it comes down to it again I think I\'ll just kick them in the balls over and over so I can get away.

    The guy that owes me money has alllot of friend from Brixston. Thats a very crime filled area in the UK. I\'d rather just stay away from him I don\'t want any trouble with gun/knife toting manias.
  6. Stop crying.

    Start getting mad.
  7. Well if you\'re not that strong, pack heat or have a knife or 2. Nothing says \"don\'t fuck with me\" like a big ol\' meat cleaver! Like he said, fight fire with fire!
  8. rudeboys? sounds like a lil kid click...who the fuck calls them selves BOYS and try and act hard core...but then again its UK ;)
  9. jesus christ get some balls man

  10. Reality TV should get on this subject.. an example.. MTV humors the fuck out of these guys by giving them there own show and telling them how tough they are.. then they put them against (no not the crips or blood) just any only group of \"thugs\" from america.. or for that matter, ANYWHERE ELSE.. see what happens.. I\'de watch it..

  11. Carry a fucking shiv.

    That\'s what I do, if some lil\' trick wanted me to hand over a pick-up I\'d just shank him in the fucking thigh. He wants to get aggressive he gets a chest shot.
  12. I agree, I\'d bust out a knife and see if they still want to fuck with you.
  13. See why it should be a right for citizens to be able to carry handguns? UK has a ban on handguns...

    So instead of shooting people, crooks beat people bloody with chains!
  14. your friend sounds like a fucking dumb ass townie, the type i knew in year 7.

    real townies and chavs on the other hand, those are some violent fucks. i got mugged by 7 of them. one held my face, two fingers in my eyes, one holding my mouth closed while 2 others rumaged my pockets while pinning me to a metal fence. i was 13 and they were about 25 at the time.

    ive had knives pulled on me by those lary fucks more than once, and nowadays when im back in london, i just talk shit if they ever start on me, they are just a bunch of punk bitches.
  15. Since you\'re in the UK and you cant legally carry a handgun, just get a knife. I\'m a peaceful motherfucker, and I\'ve only been in a few knock-down drag-out fistfights, but i still carry me on me at ALL times. It\'s a fucked up world man, and you gotta be ready for what it throws at ya.
  16. Rudeboys are the kids who are into the ska and rocksteady scene. They dress all hip and go to the dancehalls for ska/rocksteady shows. It doesn\'t mean they\'re some fucking crew going around terrorizing the streets. They\'re just into the music

    Yes, from this scene there has spawned some violent ones that fuck shit up. Just like Skins.

    To the OP, that\'s how it is. Deal with it. Protect yourself homie.
  17. rudeboys in the UK have nothing to do with what american rude boys are. they are just a bunch of kids who all want to be gangsters.
  18. yah rudeboys in the Uk like reggae or something like that. There not like the music follower rudeboys here in america. But yah dude carry a knife like everyone says,i always carry a knife with me. Does that mean im going to use it? Probably not but does it still scare people without a knife trying to beat me down or mug me? Of course.
  19. When you get hit with a chain you usually knock teeth out or break noses thats what we do in the north. Never let some fake UK gangsters take your shit.
  20. mace is your friend, it will temporarily blind you (due to your eyes swelling shut), burn really fuckin bad, and reduce your breathing by 60%

    add some solid bonebreaking kicks to the ribs to reduce breathing by 80-90%

    what you call a rudeboy in the UK, is what i call a [COLOR=\"Red\"]REMOVED[/COLOR] in the states

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]Neg, this is your last chance. *RMJL[/COLOR]
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