UK popular press is very anti cannabis at th moment

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Che Guevara, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Yesterday my mum approached me to tell me that I was going to die (or if I was lucky get schizophrenia) due to my cannabis use. She showed me an article on the front page of the daily mail (a middle class newspaper, not at all gossipy), that was false in almost every accusation it made. For example it said "experts estimate that there are around 30,000 deaths in the UK every year from cannabis use". This really annoyed me, as I know for a fact there has never been a single fatality from the drug. Another statistic used was that "9 out of 10 school children think cannabis is legal". What crap. I doubt if in my school, with 500 pupils you could find one person stupid enough to think it is legal. Also it slated David Blunkett for suggesting that cannabis use does not lead to harder drugs (whilst also claiming that it was just as bad as hard drugs, and saying that it was a soft drug was misleading and dangerous). After assuring my mum that this man knew nothing about cannabis + that most of hs facts were just plain wrong she get very annoyed with me for "thinking I know everything" and also claimed that I don't know enough about it to make a comment such as that. That really pissed me off as i've read almost every page of information on erowid about cannabis, and probably around another 100 pages from other sites.

    I don't know why but with cannabis set to be re-scheduled to class C the popular press has been very hard on it.

  2. 30,000 deaths a year what a load of shit! We all know that alot of cannabis users smoke tobacco there for some cannabis users will die but only from the evilness of fuckin TOBACCO

    Keep it real man don't smoke fags buy more weed with the money or just buy a pipe or a bong.

    This country thinks millions of residents in the UK will now start smoking cannabis when it is is finally legal or decriminalized. When actually all the cannabis smokers come out of the closet and they think a rise in smokers has occured.

    Tell your friends and Family to stop reading the Daily Mail this is only a paper for whom have nothing better to do than look at and read shit.

    Just remember how many people die from drinking.

  3. Come now. It's the Daily Mail. Possibly the most sensationalist newspapers in this country (remember the Leah Betts front pages of a few years back??).

    The Daily Mail, as you state is aimed squarely at the conservative middle classes of England, and hence it reflects their views. Middle England does NOT approve of cannabis and therefore neither will the Daily Mail. The average Mail reader has 2.4 children, lives in the home counties, owns their own home, drives an Espace (with one small child in it) etc etc etc.

    Without generalising too much! *laughs*

    I'm surprised they had room to run a drugs story, they must have ditched a few Royal gossip stories!

    (I'm going to stop ranting now despite the fact the Mail is an evil Royalist Tory paper).

    And you're point is?

    Just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's true. Just as the Mail is anti drugs and hence portrays them in a negative light, Erowid, and it's counterparts, are pro drugs and hence present them in a positive light.

    Now I'm not slagging off the 'wid as it is a fantastic archive of drugs related information but I do take the articles in their with as much salt as I take the articles in the press.

    Almost everything we read has been biased by the authors viewpoint (even this), therefore, logically, almost everything we read is propaganda for someones side.

    I'm not having a go, just giving another side. Your mum has as much right to her opinion that Cannabis is bad for your health as you have to believe that Cannabis isn't.

    Ultimately the truth probably lays somewhere between these two opposing opinions. (Although as a recreational drug user and partner of a medicinal cannabis user I'm going to swing closer to the 'wids opinion).

    I disagree. The tabloids with the possible exception of Mail have steered well clear of the issue knowing very well that many of their readers (we're talking Sun, Mirror, People etc) have bi polar views on drugs.

    The broadsheets on the other hand have by and large been fairly supportive of the decriminalisation effort, particularly the Guardian (but then you expect that from the Guardian - being a lefty, pc, liberal paper).

    And hey, it looks like Blunketts losing his nerve anyway!

    Why I'm rambling I don't know.

    Your mum.

    Give her a hug and tell her you love her and everything will be fine!


  4. God yeah.

    That plant that's absolutely no different from Cannabis.


    Are you sure it's not the cynical tobacco companies that add salt peter, ammonia and all sort of other crap that are evil?
  5. if theres one paper in the uk worthy of the highest possable accolades for being upto its neck and beyond in dirty politics and extra & hidden agendas... its the daily Fucking mail.

    just look at how they handle all the peadophile hype not long ago. sick bastards, with their army of devotee followers ready to take up pitch forks and flaming torches at a moments notice.

    never trust a daily fucking mail reader... they are under the control of those "at the top".

    sorry if i'm repeating... just had to post the moment i read the words "daily mail" ... couldnt read much beyond that from being blind by rage. :D
  6. ok... i've now read on...
    well done sureshot. u said what needed to be said.
  7. I have to agree with your mom.

    You 'are' going to die.

    We all are. (except superjoint.....he will live forever:))

    But you will not die from using cannabis.

    Unless someone perhaps drops a bail of it on your head.:rolleyes:

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