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UK Pick Up - 1/4th of Bubblegum :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Zabadeano, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Picked this up before , 1/4th bubblegum .

    man so tasty . just had 2 reefs and im soo blazed . what a nice high. !!!! :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    £45 for 7g

    in new btw , highh all . laterz

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  2. What's with the tin foil, man?
  3. dealer had no bags left , so gave me it in that , its in a jar now tho
  4. that's actually a pretty good price, and from what i can see it looks dank
  5. Not bad man, not bad =)
  6. Looks decent.
  7. Hmm.. yeah... I hear bubble gum is a hard strain to grow.
  8. Prices rising with you too then?

    Always been £40 a quarter round here, now for the good stuff you've got to pay £45, evven £50 sometimes.
  9. £45 aint bad man, looks good to.

    round here when dry spells occur, 1/4's normally reach about £50-£60, highest ive seen is £65 but that was a one off really lol

    but there aint been a dry spell for a while so its still only £35 a quart round here

    but back on topic, looks nice man, enjoy that smoke
  10. Goes homegrown = £35 1/4th Import = £40 1/4th then Named strains = £45 1/4th
  11. looks good mate

    around my way its £20/£25 an 1/8 & £40/£50 a 1/4, personally i've been getting the 20/40 option lately.
  12. Man, it's like £70 for a 1/4 on the Isle of Man. And it's not even good weed from what I've heard. I've had to stick to hash sadly :(
  13. Mamnnnn £70 a 1/4 that sucks. I'm just doin a wake'n' bake with the bubblegum lol.

    This is the first i have bought 1/4th , i always did 20 bag which are between 3.0 g - 3.5 g which cost £20 Always.

    Sounds like it costly down south ;)

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