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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mal420uk, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. No point bro, not when Cameron and his dad have big shares in sativex. Cant have the plebs growing their own medicine.
  2. And theresa mays husband. He's in with gw pharma that rule it all, hence why she's anti weed. Tables are turning though. It's basically legal in scotland. Carrying is OK and small grows only get a £350 fine. Our police quite simply can't be arsed with it any more. Got more important things to worry about.
    I'll sign it though, every little helps :)

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  3. I agree with you both . I read yesterday how the pharmacy are growing the stuff on one of the mp'S husband's land so they are all eating the pie haha but if us little people don't fight for what we know is right then we got no hope . It doesn't make a difference to me because I'm lucky enough to already be doing it for personal use but would be nice not to feel the heat when I'm doing it can grow in peace lol . Thanks for popping in both

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  4. Legalising it would put a lot of lads out of work who cant do normal jobs. They will likely turn to theft/selling crack etc.

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