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    This will be my first grow and it's going to be a stealth PC grow.
    This is not a grow journal, I'm going to log the progress of the build of my box. 
    I've searched this site a lot recently and there's a lot of very useful information, so I thought I'd try and give something back by documenting my build, hopefully someone else may find it useful.
    First things first, I'm UK based, so all links provided to items bought will be from UK. Any electrical talk will be based on UK circuits. I'm not very clued up on all things electrical, so I'll provide links for any info I've found, it will be simple if I can do it.
    I will try to photograph everything, I always find photographs explain a lot better than words, so I presume others do too.
    At the end of my build log I'll give a link to my grow journal, so if it works out you can see what I produced, if it doesn't you can either learn from my mistakes or ignore this all!  :eek:
    Price Log
    Case                     £20
    Lamp Fittings        Â£6.63
    Activated Carbon    Â£10
    Mylar                     £12.75
    Mesh                     £2.39
    4.5l pot                 £4.50

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    PC Case
    I won a PC case on eBay very cheap as it was collection only, I already had an old one but it was pretty small, I may use this for vegging in the future.
    The case I was is an Antec P180, the all important dimensions are
    Height: 51cm
    Width: 45cm
    Depth: 20cm
    The last photo is after removing the PSU and some cables.
    I plan to line the case with Mylar, I don't need much, but it seems to be either 1m or 5m, so I'll have to get 5m. Will be good to have some spare in case I make any mistakes and maybe for the vegging case if all goes well.
    Cheapest I've found is from this eBay seller for 5m

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  3. What strain you planning on growing?
  4. For a first grow I was planning on Northern Lights, unless you have any suggestions?
    I need something easy for a first timer, forgiving, a mainly short.
    I will be LSTing in a pot wide enough to fill the bottom of the case, so aim to have it short and bushy.
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    I got the drill out today to remove lots of rivets, easiest way to get all the unnecessary bits out.
    I also removed all the fans, to give them a clean up.
    There's just one stubborn it left that I couldn't get out in the time I had, might have to get some tin snips to remove it. I'll get a close up photo tomorrow to see if anyone has any tips. I can't drill it out from the other side as it's between the main frame of the case and the plastic top. The plastic top doesn't come off as that's riveted on too.

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    I plan on installing 3 lamp holders wired in parallel, with the cable exiting the case at either top or bottom(haven't decided yet), to a standard UK plug with a 3amp fuse.
    I'm planning to use these lamp holders
    I'll either screw them directly into the inner part of the case, or attach some strong magnets to the back so that they are adjustable., any thoughts?
    I found this useful thread on wiring the lamp holders like this, also stole the picture from there.
    As far as bulbs go I'm planning on getting 3 of these for vegging
    3 x 23w 6500k
    I still haven't found a cheap source for my flowering bulbs, looking for 3 x 25w - 30w 2700k screw fitting

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  7. Made some more progress today, managed to get the last unwanted section removed from the case. Now I'm just waiting on some deliveries.
    Today I ordered.
    Mylar -
    Activated carbon -
    2mm Mesh -
    The carbon and the mesh with be used to make a DIY carbon filter, similar to the one @[member="sartrewasright"] in his thread
    Still need to order my bulbs and seeds, but I want be starting growing until I return from a business trip to Zurich in Feb. Should be starting Feb 15/16th hopefully.

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  8. Everything looks nice and clean, how many fans are you planning to install in it ?
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    Just been thinking that through, might have 2 exhaust in parallel.
    Will post some of my ideas regarding this tomorrow.
  10. Having done a bit more research I think I'm going to get some Mandala Speed Queen seeds.
    I don't want the 'couch-lock' that Northern Lights would have given and I also have osteoarthritis, so this will be perfect.
    It's short and stocky, so will be great for a micro grow.

  11. looks great man, I subbed. Why no log though, will you start one when you start your grow?
  12. [quote name="babycow420" post="19365932" timestamp="1390095294"]looks great man, I subbed. Why no log though, will you start one when you start your grow?[/quote]Thanks. Yeah I'll start a log once I have everything built and ready to go. It won't be until February. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  13. cool, cant wait.
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    Ordered seeds, 3 x 24w 6500k bulbs, 12v DC adaptor for fans, hygrometer.
    Arrived today, mylar, lamp fittings and activated carbon.
    Need to build my carbon filter, looks like a job for saturday, everything else should have arrived by then so will leave it overnight for a temp test run.
    Need to get - pH tester, grow media, any nutrients. Any recommendations on any of these things?
    Probably going to go with J Arthur Bowers with John Innes potting compost for grow media. Biobizz grow and bloom nutrients. Any thoughts on these?
  15. im in, good luck bro
  16. Received my 12v dc adaptor yesterday, so will be testing out my fan/s. Unfortunately my bulbs didn't arrive as expected, hopefully be here Monday now.
    I'm going to build everything up this evening, including my home made carbon filter, will be looking for feedback on that once it's done.
    I'll try and draw a plan up this afternoon of the filter.
    Also received my hygrometer, It's currently a stable 16C in the cupboard in my bedroom with a humidity of 60%, that's not good!
    Hopefully the bulbs will warm it up to the correct temperature for germinating and growth, and the humidity will come down a bit. I read on Mandela seeds site, were my seeds are coming from that for germination it should be 55% max?
  17. Made so good progress this evening, but not quite as much as I'd hoped.
    Wired my case fans to a 12v DC adapter, worked first time so happy with that. Wired up and test mounted my lamp holders, all worked so again, happy with that.
    Sealed the front and rear of the case with multiple layers of gaffer tape, inside and out. Started cover the inside with the diamond mylar I bought. Will hopefully finish that off tomorrow.
    Then I just need to build my carbon filter. Bought some 3mm hardboard which I'm going to make a box from to house the activated carbon. Will work on that this week. Glad I didn't start it this evening actually as I hadn't drawn up my plans for it yet, so would have been cutting blind which isn't a good idea.
    Will get some more photos of progress tomorrow.
  18. I posted this in the absolute beginners forum, but thought I'd ask here too
    I'm due to start my grow in February, but first need some assistance with germination.
    I'm growing a Speed Queen from Mandela Seeds, their germination instructions say I can germinate in soil and temps between 22*C and 25*C. To achieve these temps in the UK currently it'll need to be in my grow case. I'm growing in a PC case.
    My question is, should they be in the soil in direct sight of the bulbs, or should they be in the dark?
    If in the dark, should I just cover the top of the pot so they get no light, or should I just shield them, so they get some light?

    I was planning on using Levington multi purpose with added John Innes, I've read good things about the soil. So I shouldn't need to feed for around 4 weeks according to the Mandela Seeds guide.
    I will also be using LST to keep it short and fill the rectangular pot. Once it's covered the pot can I just switch to 12/2 to end vegging and begin flower?
  19. looks great man! My first set-up was a pc, had loads of fun, think i managed 15gs, ive now moved up to a draw unit :smoke:  Hope it goes well, i'll help out where i can

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