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  1. Sumat else iv bin reasearchin is outoors :).

    Its cumin summer an a corner of my garden behind my shed has permenant light from dusk till dawn and theres no direct line of sight to any neighbours Windows or gardens, its totally out of sight from prying eyes. If i was to get a mini greenhouse there how do you guys reckon an auto blue mystic would fair up in there?

    Is there sny drastic differences between growing outdoors to indoors. I have some indoor experience but no outdoor

    Thanks in advance blades :)
  2. I made this account quickly to help you out!

    You will get some bud with an auto outside but do not hope for much. If your lucky with the weather and your spot is perfect and you do everything right you could get an ounce at the most. Last year i had an auto maria 2 in my greenhouse and got over two ounces, but then for almost half of its life i would move it inside in the night time to keep it warm / i put a 125w cfl light over it sometimes. (i would recommend this strain, really tastey potent smoke and well it grew bloody well for me)

    So my advise be this. As its an auto you've only got a short time for the plant to grow so its best to make everything perfect as much of the time as you can for it.

    1) If possible plant the seed in a big pot, so you dont need to transplant the plant as each time you do it growth is stunted for a few days or more depending on how well you do it.
    2) Not essential but it will probably be better for the plant if you move it indoors in the night time, especially when its cold. Be careful however, especially when it is young, sudden changes in temperature can shock the plant and stunt its growth.
    3) Leave your watering can near the plant, in the greenhouse if possible, or inside your own house. Therefore you can ensure the water is not going to shock the plant when you water it if it is too cold. Similar temperature or slightly warmer is best.
    4) Choosing when to water wisely will help your plant. The soil should be allowed to almost dry out before you water it. This promotes a deep and healthy root system and avoids root problems. Most people overwater.
    5)Do not over fertilise the soil. Auto flowering plants do not use that much nutrients at all because there life cycle is so short. I think i only added a small amount of nutes about 6 weeks in. If you have chosen the right size on pot you may not even need to ( about 30 cm diameter 35 cm deep.
    6) Make sure you get the balance right of temperature, airflow, and humidity. When the plant gets well into flowering and buds start to get bigger the plant prefers slightly lower temperatures, good airflow and don't let the greenhouse stay to humid or you will get budrot!

    Good luck! Also - not sure if you where going to anyway but if your going to care for this plant and put time into it you might aswell get a feminised seed because you will be gutted if you have males and sods law means you will!
  3. Really helpful thanks for that. I like the sound of that auto Maria is it paradise seeds? I've got 4 vertigos on my first grow indoors
  4. I grew some Green Crack strain last summer and the plants were all over 5 feet tall mate. Recommend giving that a go next time you do an outdoor! <3

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