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uk outdoor growers.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by tom1981, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. anyone else pissed-off that we had a great hot sunny april/may now the weather is shit. What do we do? My plants are only a few weeks from harvest as im 12/12 in a dark room, now this bollox. Buds are big but any one got any tips on how to keep these gorgeous plants in great condition in shit weather conditions (besides using lights, mrs wont allow it). Any feeds. Anything??? PLEASE. Tom:smoke:
  2. Got the same problem here, I've got 8 auto's all budding at the moment and we've had almost constant rain for the last 9 days.
    You could put a sheet of perspex over the plants to stop them getting too wet. That way you can control the feeding better. I can't even feed mine because they're already drenched...

    At least the ones I planted in some fields near by won't need watering!

    Best of luck
  3. I hear ya, im in Ireland and its constant rain here.
    One thing i got from Argos is a cold frame greenhouse, check my posts its in a pic somewhere.
    Perfect for protecting against the elements its just now mine are outgrowing the greenhouse and HAVE to be out in this bollox of weather.:(

  4. mine are actually in my conservatory so u have a bigger problem than me. I feel for you bruv, i really do. I also have just 1 in a near by field thats doing ok (just an easy sativa) but i have 2 autos, a "widow-ryder" and a lowryder/easyryder. My chronic haze is fuckin amazing, huge chrystal covered buds, I have an ice by female thats ok, buds a bit small on her though. Good luck bro. Tom

  5. Fucking uk eh?
  6. IRELAND:p
  7. Lookin at the forcast, its probably gonna get worse before it gets better. Could really do with more sun time. These temps are terrible. I have a clear plastic cover over mine. Theyre doing surprisingly well considering the brutal conditions.
  8. I also have 1 outdoor thats about 2 weeks old, anyone else doing ok outdoor? mine just got pissed all over by the rain now........and on and off for the past few days, i was abit worried, what time does flowering time start in the uk.....ah the sun is coming now :D
  9. I got a few of those easy sativa's out too, first time trying them though, they any good?

    Pog mo thoin, the only phase I learnt while living in Ireland ;)
  10. Howdy, i got 16 lush looking semi mature plants on the go, and quite alot of seedlings that have basically just started gonna see what happens. (This is my first outdoor)
    I wouldn't go dissing the weather just yet :smoke: mine haven't even shown sex yet but they're looking almost perfect..
    I'm sure they don't even mind the rain or the low temps aslong as you can harness in as much as the sun as you can, mine are getting it pretty much all day...its wayyyyyyyyyy more powerful than you think you know, just 1 hour of direct sunlight with no clouds can work wonders I'm tellin' ya no matter what country your in.
    I started them inside my conservatory then moved them outside. biggest ones probably only 50cm high max

    Main concern for me is the risk of mold... if the rain gets right in the buds when they're flowering I've really no experience to tell what will happen, I might just stick some waterproof plastic/greenhouse material over them for when the time comes...

    A pretty intelligent plant know-it-all at the Local head shop said plants have designed themselves over the years to cope with mold and that its usually down to the soil though...dunno whether to take the risk or not...:confused:

    I've had some bad experience indoors with mold, but outdoors is much more ventilated..I sprayed my plants all over to foliar feed with little ventilation and kept doing it after thinking the moisture had dried ...
    After about 2 weeks the mold had really set in and took over...had to pull em pretty premature...Really don't want that happening folks

    although if it does happen, I heard soma from soma seeds talking about this 'silver' stuff i cant remember its exact name, the videos on youtube. It's all natural and you just put it on the mold and it fully gets rid:smoke:

    Other than flowering though i really dont think the plants mind too much rain

    Nothing like a bit of UK outdoor

    Peace :D
  11. post some pics up people I'm dying to see some other British beauty's :D

    I got a grow journal on, check it out will be adding pics in the next couple of days :smoke:

    take it easy
  12. No Irish pics so?
    Im screaming Racism:p

  13. good luck bro..:smoke:

  14. Would love to show-off my chronic haze and ice plants but got no usb lead for my phone and when i take a web-cam pic it keeps saying "wrong format", its really frustrating:(
  15. Im planting mine in the week, hopefully im not to late....it should be alright
  16. mine are 2 weeks into veg, just put them outdoor, are any other uk growers getting signs of flowering yet? i am scared to leave my baby outside over night so when i go to bed i put it in my windowsill, am i better off leaving it outside?
  17. ahahaa

    sorry man ! How could I forget my Irish brothers

    Your all included :smoke:
  18. mine are doing fine outside man pretty much perfect

    haven't even given them their first feeding yet

    you grow them with a bulb to start or on your window ledge?

    If they're up on there feet they should be fine to put em outside just really do try and get as much sunlight coverage to em as you can for as much as the day as possible.

    The more sunlight the less harsh those cold nights

    try and protect from wind if thats an issue aswell

    wont start flowering till late July - August if its not an autoflowering strain

    I started mine in my conservatory so they were used to the sun.

    No experience growing with a bulb to start then putting them outside so they may need a little extra time to adapt to the change in light...

    I started 8 outside back in late april at the start just to see what happened and one of those is my biggest :smoke:

    They can hack it man they just need that sun

  19. Ive just started some seedlings also

    let us know how it goes man

    good luck

  20. Im startin a grow next week but this weather has really put me off. I think i need more research, maybe start a case grow indoors :smoke:

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