UK: No prosecution

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  1. UK: No prosecution after cannabis cafe arrest

    The News & Star, Carlisle

    Wednesday 17 Apr 2002

    CANNABIS crusader Lezley Gibson will not be prosecuted for possessing the drug
    despite being caught red-handed in an illegal Dutch-style cafe.

    Multiple sclerosis sufferer Ms Gibson was locked up for four hours after being
    caught in a raid at the Dutch Experience in Stockport last January.

    She has waited 14 weeks to hear if she would be hauled before the courts. The
    Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided not to press ahead with charges,
    the News & Star can reveal.

    Ms Gibson, from Alston, said: "I hope this will make things easier for other
    medicinal users."

    The move comes less than two years after a jury refused to convict 38-year-old
    Ms Gibson of possession of cannabis on the grounds that it was the only drug
    that could ease her MS symptoms
  2. was this another crack in the wall restricting personal freedom?? We can only hope!! :smoke:
  3. UK: Public believe 'tobacco is more dangerous than ecstasy'


    Sunday 21 Apr 2002

    More people now believe tobacco is a more dangerous drug than Ecstasy,
    according to a new survey.

    The poll conducted by The Observer and ICM shows more than half of
    Britain's 16 to 24-year-olds have taken illegal drugs.

    Further, more than five million people regularly use cannabis, 2.4 million
    Ecstasy and two million amphetamines and cocaine.

    And two in five people between 25 and 34 and more than a third of 35 to
    44-year-olds said they have taken illegal drugs.

    The Observer claims the survey is one of the most extensive conducted into
    the growing drug culture in Britain and shows that drug use is more
    prevalent than thought.

    As many as 28% of those aged over 16 have taken illegal drugs and men are
    twice as likely as women to have taken them, according to the survey.

    Four out of five illegal drugs users have taken cannabis, 27% Ecstasy, 25%
    amphetamines and more than one in five LSD and cocaine.

    The survey also found that 35% thought cannabis should be decriminalised,
    7% said Ecstasy should be made legal, but only 4% thought all drugs should
    be freely available.

    A total of 1,075 people over the age of 16 were polled in February and
    March and the results weighted to reflect the profile of all adults.

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