UK: Medical cannabis may be technically legal!

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    I'm not sure if it has worked yet but if anyone can confirm this works it would be a huge leap foward for cannabis smokers in the UK.

    Full story: Using medical cannabis in the UK is now possible | The UKCIA News Blog
  2. That's great news. Let's hope Britain will fully legalise it for medicinal use in the coming years. I don't have a huge problem with it being illegal for recreational use (Although it definitely shouldn't be), but I think it's down right cruel not to have it legal for people who GENUINELY need it.
  3. Then you are a silly person because cannabis prohibition ruins millions of lives every year. And you can't control peoples appetites with legislation.

    I personally believe that the plant is holy. So do you not have a problem with it being illegal for religious purposes either?

  4. Let me re-phrase. I don't have AS much of a problem with it being illegal for recreation use as I do with it being illegal for medicinal use. There are people out there who NEED it. As in, cannabis is the only thing that works in treating their ailments. I think that's absolutely disgusting that in most places they're denied the right to use it. Of course I support full legalisation and I think that prohibition and the war on drugs has been an utter failure. But we do not NEED cannabis, they DO. I could go without it if I came into some legal trouble surrounding it, whereas many medical users depend on it to lead a bearable life.
  5. Truly. However I believe all use of cannabis is medicinal on some level. It's good for a persons health to have the most awesome time possible without any negative side effects. Everyone could use a little emotional relief from time to time and the only way to make that possible is to make it completely legal for everyone.

  6. Completely agree.

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