UK: Man Escapes Jail Sentence

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  1. Source: Essex Evening Gazette (UK)


    A MAN caught with more than UKP 4,000 worth of cannabis has escaped a jail sentence.

    Trevor Scott had bought the drugs for himself and some friends, who all take it to alleviate their medical problems, a court heard.

    They had all contributed cash and Scott had been sent to Holland to buy the cannabis on their behalf

    Chelmsford Crown Court was told Scot, of Worthing, West Sussex, had been stopped at Harwich on the way to Holland and was found to have UKP 4,000 cash on him.

    When he returned on September 9, customs noticed he did not have the money but a holdall containing two gift wrapped packets, which contained cannabis.

    He admitted a charge of drug-smuggling when he appeared in court

    Peter Fenn mitigating said Scott, 47, suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and took cannabis to alleviate the pain. His circle of friends also took the drug for the same reason - to cope with their medical problems,Mr Fenn said.

    Mr Fenn said: "He is not a gangster or a drug dealer. The drug was simply for medical purposes and he made no profit from it"

    Judge Allasdiar Darroch gave Scott 50-hours community punishment order, plus UKP 100 costs. The drugs will be destroyed.

    Judge Darroch said: I accept you were not in this to make money and I accept you think cannabis helps your condition.

    "It art does not help you or me that Parliament is dithering about what do about cannabis."
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