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    Your article on Plan Colombia ( March 2003 ) article is full of half-truths or indeed half-lies, gleaned from the publications of the Sunshine Project - 'an international NGO opposed to use of biological weapons'. 1 think not. This organisation, 1 would contend, has a more sinister agenda judging from their strident 1 propaganda' which has been circulated at international meetings over the past few years. These pseudo-scientific documents are full of the spin and half-truths which your article propagates.

    Fusarium oxysporum is a slime-spored fungus with absolutely no ability for airborne dispersal and which has never been implicated in human diseases such as asthma. There are numerous other species in dryspored genera, such as Aspergillus and Penicillium, which cause bronchial-pulmonary problems and which are also much more dangerous to immuno-compromised patients.

    The specific strain of F. oxysporum from coca has been tested since we were involved in this initial selection and screening of EN-4. It is safe, specific to the coca host and would be applied in granular rather than an aerosol form because it is a slime-spored soil fungus which attacks the roots not the aerial parts.

    Labelling the genus Fusarium as a human health problem, on the basis that some species ( not F oxysporum ) can invade predisposed animal tissue and also produce mycotoxins, is irresponsible journalism. Why not report that all commercial mycoprotein ( ie Quorn ) is also based on a Fusarium species IF graminearum

    Dr HC Evans DSc, Biological Control of Weeds and Plant Diseases, CABI Bioscience Ascot, UK

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