UK: Liberals Step Up Drug Campaign

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  1. A BRITISH youth worker who counsels young people in a drug-ravaged part of London will spearhead fresh attacks on the State Government's proposed cannabis laws.

    The State Opposition yesterday unveiled plans to attack the Cannabis Control Bill when it is debated in the Upper House this week.

    Under the laws, which passed the Legislative Assembly last month, recreational users caught with two plants will be fined $200. Users with less than 30g of the drug will be fined up to $150.

    Former police commissioner Brian Bull and British youth worker Julie Fawcett will this week address public rallies north and south of the river as the Liberal Party steps up attacks on the Bill.

    Health Minister Bob Kucera said he welcomed public debate on the laws but he attacked what he claimed was a campaign of misinformation by the Liberal Party.

    Ms Fawcett, who works in the South London borough of Lambeth, was flown to Perth by several Liberal party members to speak about the effects of softening cannabis laws.

    She said the Government's decriminalisation agenda was alarmingly similar to the Lambeth Cannabis Policing Experiment - where police turned a blind eye to cannabis use.

    Crack cocaine and heroin use had increased as hard drug dealers moved in. Lambeth had become a drug tourism centre, with people travelling to the area from other parts of England and Europe to take advantage of the soft laws.

    "We have young people who are outside mainstrean society and who are unemployable," Ms Fawcett said.

    Opposition drug abuse spokesman Simon O'Brien said two public rallies had been organised - from 7pm today at the North City Christian Centre in Padbury and from 7pm on Wednesday at the Riverton Leisureplex.

    A Westpoll last month indicated less than half the community endorsed the move to decriminalise the use and cultivation of small amonts of cannabis.

    Mr Kucera stressed that cannabis use would still be illegal under the proposed changes to the law.
  2. :eek:

    are those fines correct!?
    i hope the order of "lowest possable prioroty" still stands for teh police up here in Scotland

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