UK Legalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by rockandrollSTAR, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Can anyone shed some light?

    I know that the Lib Dems are in favour of legalzing it but whats going on? How far away/close are we to being able to smoke sweet mary without breaking the law?
  2. Quite a long way away from it. I can see USA legalising on a federal level before the UK considering it.
  3. I don't see it being legal on a federal level in the US for a long time. Unless the economy gets much much worse, or a popular politician finally breaks the mold and admits they favor legalization. But, if a Republican gets voted in in 2012 kiss it goodbye for another 4 years. If Obama gets reelected (miracle) It could be possible between 2012-2016, otherwise I'd look forward to 2016. In other words, this stupid drug war will go on for more than 100 years.
  4. There have been calls to legalize it but simply not enough power behind any motion in the UK at this time although such action isn't far off I would imagine. I think the UK will definately get there before the states however.
  5. I don't think the UK will get there before the States, being illegal is fuckin ridiculous though, most of my mates smoke, as do their mates. I know quite a lot of older guys who do as well. Yet its still illegal?

    All my mates drive and have licences, insurance an MOTs, none of them go robbing houses, worst that happens is a few fights sometimes so wtf is so bad about weed.

    Now its back to class b we gotta long long way to go before someone sees sense to make it legal.

  6. Exactly my point, they are going tough on weed atm. They recently claimed weed is as dangerous as crack for example. I cannot see it improving for a long time.
  7. It's madness! But if you want change you gotta do it yourself. Go talk to your friends, your family, your teachers about how prohibition is hurting the UK. Raise hell and people will start to see the truth. Every social movement begins with one or two or three people who are pissed off enough to raise their voices.

    Remember the Gin Riots in Britain? Do it again.
  8. my main argument against it being illegal is that the campaign to illegalize it was based on fear and hate. it was presented as being the drug of choice for black people, who while high would go out and rape and kill white women all because of weed. its only illegal due to fear and hate and that other delightful green substance. money.

    in the uk more and more independant science groups are advising the legalisation, the lib dems party manifesto states they want to legalise social cultivation and dealing. growing at home and giving to your mates basically. sadly what with our damned coalition government i doubt thats going to happen.
  9. But aren't most young people in favour of the Lib Dems? So in the next elections they may win the majority?
  10. I would think Uk would legalize it first, they are so more down to earth then the Americans, and yes I am an American :S.
  11. Hemp legalization will hold England back the same as it holds America back,too many industries contribute to the political parties for their support of prohibition,not because they want drugs removed from our society but because they want hemp prohibited and kept to a minimum in the market.

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