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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Biker747, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Just found an e-petition, which is here -, on the UK Government's website to legalise marijuana here. I, along with the millions of people here in the UK who support legalisation, would be grateful if you could sign it.
    Over the past couple of years, the government has been under pressure to reconsider the current regulations on drugs, including marijuana, following the legalisation of it in Colorado and Washington, and the Portugese drug laws, which have involved decriminalisation of drugs and shown that this resulted in lowered use of them. Sadly, the topic of changing the drug laws here in the UK has seemed to have been dropped again. Help us bring it back to their attention. Thanks!

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    That's the problem in the UK though, it gets talked about for a day or two and then the topic dies a death for another few months.

    I'd love to see it legalised, however I don't see this happening for a while yet.

    And only 130 signatures is piss poor. I have signed it before btw.

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